25 reasons to love "the Beatles" more

The famous Fab Four first performed on stage January 16, 1957 in the club «Cavern». This date - the World Day of The Beatles, when Beatles fan all over the world organize theme parties and celebrations.

Website is connected to the fans, and is a post about the amazing humor of "The Beatles" who, during his numerous interviews never answered the questions seriously.


Reporter: Ringo - the best drummer in the world?

John: Ringo - not even the best drummer in the Beatles. (Press Conference with the Beatles in 1964 g of Amsterdam.) em>


Reporter: The French have not yet decided whether they like "The Beatles" or not. What do you think of them?

Gender: About "The Beatles"? They're cool, we like them. (Radio Interview with The Beatles in Paris, 1964) em>


Reporter: How the success changed your life?

George: Yes. (TV interview with The Beatles in New York, 1964) em>


Reporter: How did you find America?

John: Greenland have to turn left. (Press conference with "The Beatles" in Los Angeles, 23.08.64) em>


Reporter: Do you have real hair or you wear wigs?

RINGO: Hey, police!

Gender: Bring her out of the room!

George: We have real hair, but what about your lady? (Press conference with "The Beatles" in Chicago, the 1966.) em>


Reporter: You do not have turned the head of the popularity and attention of fans?

John: When I feel that I was starting to become conceited, I look at Ringo and I understand that we are not supermen. ( The press conference with the Beatles in San Francisco, 1964 g of. em>)


Reporter: You mention Beethoven in one of his songs. What do you think of him?

Ringo: He's cool. Especially his poems. (Press Conference with the Beatles in 1966 g of Munich.) em>


Reporter: Who are the famous people you'd most like to meet?

RINGO: With the real Santa Claus. (Press conference with The Beatles in Seattle on 25.08.66) em>


Reporter: You are not concerned about a group of tall hooligans who tried to break through the crowd at the airport?

RINGO: It was us. (press conferences and interviews with the Beatles in Melbourne on 14.06.64) em>


Reporter: In Detroit, a campaign to eradicate the movement "The Beatles." What will you take?

Paul: We will start a campaign to eradicate Detroit. (Press conference with The Beatles in Detroit on 06.09.64) em>


Reporter: How can you justify the fact that your hair to reach the collar?

John: Well, we have them out of my head grow. (Interview with The Beatles in Dublin on 07.11.63) em>


Reporter: What do you think about teenagers imitate you wearing Beatles wigs?

John: They do not imitate us, because we do not wear wigs. (Press conference with The Beatles in Atlanta on 18.08.65) em>


Reporter: Is it true that one of you is really bald?

John: Actually, we are all bald.

George: And I also deaf. (Interview with The Beatles, London, 1965 g of.) em>

Reporter: When you're going to get a haircut?

Ringo: Never!

Paul: No, not that!

George: I have a haircut yesterday.

Journalist: It can not be!

Ringo: Can. You should have seen him the day before yesterday! (Press conference with The Beatles in Denver on 26.08.64) em>

Reporter: What is the reason for your sudden popularity?

John: I do not know, maybe it's because of the weather? (Radio Interview with The Beatles for the BBC on 03.10.63) em>


Reporter: You do not care that you can not hear what you sing during concerts?

John: No, we have our home plate. (TV interview with the Beatles in Dallas, 1964 g of.) em>


Reporter: What do you think when your aircraft engine began to smoke when you landed today?

Ringo: First of all relieve the Beatles, women and children! (Press conference with The Beatles in Montreal, 1964 g of.) em>


Reporter: Ringo, are you involved with any political force?

RINGO: No, I do not even smoke. (Press conference with The Beatles in Toronto, 1965 g of.) em>


Reporter: The magazine «Time» has recently published a critical article about pop music.


Reporter: John, what kind of girl do you like?

John: My wife.

Reporter: George, what kind of girl do you like?

George: John's wife. (Press Conference with the Beatles in Tokyo, 1966) em>

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