Brain tricks: 10 amazing "hacks" of the brain, which will make your life better

1. You can dream about what you want


Welcome to the wonderful world of "lucid dreaming". If every time you find yourself in a dream, you clearly understand that this is a dream, then you are probably able to bring your dream in line with your requirements. There are many tips and tricks in order to achieve this, but we have narrowed their range to a few things that seem to us most useful.

As soon as you Wake up write down every detail that you can remember. Presumably, when you write it down, your brain recognizes certain patterns that only work in a dream (since most dreams are immediately forgotten) and if they stay on paper, you will be able to recall them.

The best time for "lucid dreaming" is the time after you have slept well. Studies show that most people have "lucid dreams" after they took a NAP.

Between dream and reality there is a big difference. For example, if right now from your fridge will pop up a sandwich and starts screaming at you in Vietnamese, your first thought will be "This is a very strange and unusual phenomenon, and I have questions to my perception." But if the same thing will happen to you in a dream — no issues will arise. In the dream state your mind loses the ability to critically perceive everything that happens around, because while watching dreams of a "critical" part of your brain is just not used.


2. Music changes your ability to perceive time


"Holding music" is what you hear in the handset of the phone when you call, for example, in the Bank. This music gets into the phone is not accidental. It is tailored specifically to how to reduce the amount of time during which you will have to wait.

In other places associated with waiting, for example, in doctors ' offices, also used this trick.

"Compression of time" is a favorite trick of many retail stores, this is why you will very rarely find a shopping center, supermarket, or store clothes, in which not hear a certain "background music".

To understand how this works, think about the brain as a mountain lion, in a cage which got a sack of money. Doesn't matter what the zookeepers distract the lion with food, bright objects or just shouting and screaming. The fact that they give a chance to one of his companions to sneak up and get the money from the cage, while the lion is busy deciding who should these workers have to eat.

Similarly, when your brain is constantly distracted, you are less to see what's around you, what is and over time.

The amount of information absorbed by the brain is limited, and when something is constantly in this volume, we are less inclined to think about things of the form "and do I really need this alarm clock in the shape of a cat Garfield"?

But it also works in the opposite direction. In some situations, listening to music can really expand your perception of time. For example, listening to music while performing tasks that require maximum concentration, causes us to overestimate the amount of time that really passed.

The theory is that periodically, switching between perception of the music and concentration on difficult tasks, the brain forms separate "events," or to different memories.

When your brain thinks about what you did in the last hour, you remember many events of that hour and you think it lasted long.


3. Change the reality by changing the wording


You may already know that even a slight change in the wording of a survey can alter people's opinions.

For example, in 2010-m to year, four organizations conducted polls to see what percentage of Americans support the so-called "public choice." The results ranged from a measly 44% to 66% in support, largely due to differences in the wording:

  • Formulating it as "the government introduces a health care plan that will get people from 65 years and older", they received the support of 66%.
  • And formulating it as "government funded insurance plan", they only received 44% support.
  • Specify it as "this is what would Mussolini", and support will fall to 2%.

You might think that this is only a survey of people who do not understand how the system works, but in fact, the experiment clearly shows that the brain can be manipulated by subtle differences in wording, regardless of the level of human knowledge.

In another study, social psychologists sent out surveys to several hundred registered voters before the election.

  • Half of them asked, "is it important to vote?".
  • The other half asked, "is it important to be a voter?".

With this, the only difference is the probability that people who read the word "voter" to vote on election day accounted for 14%. The researchers suspect that the use of the word "voter" makes people identify themselves with that word. Since these people considered themselves to be voters, they came and voted.

On the other hand, the use of the word "vote" implies that you just asked people to do some task. Even if they say "Yes" to this question, they won't feel any connection with this word, so they are unlikely to end.

One question was about a simple action, the second is about the type of person.

This way you manipulated my entire life, and now it's time to begin to manipulate yourself.

  • Don't ask your friend with a truck if he can help you carry out your bed. Instead, ask him if he wants to maintain his participation initiative residential community.
  • Don't ask a COP to let you go for speeding. Ask him if he wants to stimulate the local economy with a high tax breaks for the middle class.

Take her and let your words work for you.


4. Music makes you stronger


For anybody not a secret that many people prefer to listen to music when I work out. But music doesn't just make physical activity more pleasant it actually significantly raises your operability. The music people are able to carry weights much longer than in silence. They are also able to complete the sprint in less time.

A considerable role is played by the distraction. Usually if your brain listens to music, he's not thinking about how much his feet hurt, or how much you'll be able to run before you hear the sound of the final whistle.

However, there are a few important factors.

First of all, synchronicity. When your movements match the music tempo, you spend less time and effort on the inefficient slowing down and accelerate than when you're moving at your own pace. Music also increases the incidence of "flow States". State similar to the meditative trance, in which the lifter everything is working properly, and eventually increases overall performance.

Music can even make you not feel pain. Patients who listened to music after surgery, required less pain medication, they reported a decrease in pain sensations, and blood pressure they have been below. Doctors also say that in a special way selected melodic music dramatically reduces stress in patients during operations on the brain. In some cases the music helped the patients to relax so much that they fell into a deep sleep during the operation.


5. Your hand is a night vision device for the poor


Closing one eye during on or off the light, you are helping your eyes adapt to changing lighting.

6. The idea that you smell good makes you more attractive


In a recent study conducted by the University of Liverpool, participated some guys rashpilevsky on "Axe". Also, they had women evaluate men's attractiveness... via videotape. Both men raspylenie yourself spray was rated as more attractive, despite the fact that women couldn't smell them.

According to the scientists who worked on the experiment guys oprisavci yourself with a spray, imagine that smell good, so their body language showed a lot of confidence, and women who watched them responded to that.

So, all these guys are just brainwashed through the marketing company spray "Axe"? They really believe the ads claiming that anyone raspalubki yourself spray will be a resounding success with women?

No. Bank of spray used in the experiment was unmarked, so those guys had no idea about what kind of spray was used. It turns out the amazing mind control powers of smell will not force a girl in a bar to faint, it is self-deception. All you need really is a little confidence.


7. You may feel that you've slept well, after only two hours of sleep


So, you started working the night shift at a local "McDonald's", plus every morning at 8.00 am you have study, and you have no idea how you are going to do all this and it does not look like the guy from the movie "dawn of the dead".

What if we tell you that you can sleep a little more than two hours a day and feel completely fresh? No more random NAPs during frying steaks for hamburgers!

It's called "Sleep Schedule for Superman", and in addition pompous titles, it's a way to get the maximum amount of sleep required for your body without wasting precious hours you could be using to work or drink or "farm" gold in "Warcraft". The schedule consists of 20-30 minute breaks for sleep every four hours during the day. Of course, this new sleep model it will have to get used to, but that's the price you have to pay to increase wakefulness for a few years.

Start now. Go to bed at 8: 00 and set the alarm for 8.30. Get up, play some "Call of duty" and go back to 12.00, 12.30 alarm put on, and so on. After three or four days in that mode you will literally go nuts from lack of sleep, and maybe even want to quit it all, but don't do it! Because that would be counterproductive.

On the 10th day or so, your brain will say: "Damn! OKAY, we'll go your way", and begin to adapt to your new, "superhuman" routine of sleep. When you sleep normally, your body gets about an hour and a half of REM sleep, which is believed to be the most important to ensure that the brain remained clear. While other stages of sleep help your body to heal and grow, the REM sleep is what makes you feel rested.

The first few days the addiction is very severe because your body is not getting any of this REM sleep, and your brain hates you for it. After the third day or so, the brain begins to understand what you mean, and every time you go to bed, he dives right into the stage of "fast sleep" in an attempt to compensate for all the hardships. Make a simple calculation and you will realize that it is two full hours of REM sleep, while those who sleep normally, get only an hour and a half.


8. Sports drinks work (and you don't even need to drink them)


Sports drinks are a big business, one only "Gatorade" makes them more than a billion dollars per year.

And the reason why so many athletes tell us that the drinks help to increase efficiency, replacing them almost all the essential nutrients lost during exercise, is called "advertising". However, it appears that all these electrolytes, and "technology rehydration" has nothing to do with the pleasure derived from a lot of sugar in your mouth.

The study found that sports drinks work because they affect the pleasure center in the brain. You don't even have to drink them, a simple mouthwash has the same effect. The carbohydrates in the drink stimulate the taste buds in your mouth, which then send the brain the message that everything is just great. Your brain, in turn, increases the activity of pleasure centers, and you can enjoy this trick a lot longer than a person without a sweet drink. Also stimulates the part of your brain that is responsible for motion control.


9. Trick your brain with saving money when paying in cash


Want to save money? Pay cash.


Research has shown that people like to buy something with a credit card, not with cash. Because the cash seem to be the consumers of a finite resource, and people seek to preserve this resource. While credit card does not have such a psychological barrier.


10. You can tell that the girl is interested, looking at her feet


Experts will tell you that it's all in the body language, but you know better. People, and especially women — is very, very good at faking disinterest. If a woman is right to jump on you, most guys are lost.

But look at her legs. Apparently, people don't realize the movement of your feet as well as movements of other parts of your body, so the feet are constantly sending messages to others.


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At the University of Manchester study was conducted, which was watching the movement of women's legs in various social situations. In particular, they found that:

  • if a woman keeps feet apart, trying to take a more "open" position, that usually means that she is interested in you
  • but if she finds you absolutely disgusting, she is likely to cross their legs or hide them under his body.published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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