Interesting facts about «The Beatles»

Today is the international day of the group «The Beatles». We decided not to bypass this fact a party and share unusual facts about this legendary group. Moreover, their work still continues to generate interest.

Let's start with the quantitative facts. None of the band members did not know musical notation.

At one time, all four, being British, married Americans.

Exactly half of the members of the quartet - the left-hander: Paul and Ringo.

John Aunt Mimi, has always repeated the phrase: "The guitar - a good tool. However, it is not suitable for making money. " Becoming wealthy aunt, John bought a villa that had a marble wall with the above indicated quote.

The first professional musical instrument, which acquired Paul McCartney became the bass guitar in the shape of a violin Hofner.

During a concert in Hamburg, the musicians had to use strings of a piano club, due to lack of money to buy the normal strings.

«The Beatles» were the first group to list the drums to the forefront of the scene. The debut took place in his native Liverpool. After Pete Best was almost trampled fans, rushing to the scene, such a course was canceled.

The group became the first in history who printed on the back cover of the album lyrics of all the songs. Album «Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ».

John Lennon five times more likely was the lead vocals in the band's songs, than Paul McCartney (102 against 97).

Harmonica, sounds in the song «Love Me Do» was stolen by John in the summer of 1960 in a music shop of the Dutch town of Arnhem.

Album «Please Please Me» became the only one in which the authorship of the songs is referred to as «McCartney / Lennon». All of the following represent the standard «Lennon / Mccartney».

For his first album, each member of the group was 29 pounds.

The song «Girl» was the first in the work of «The Beatles», which was released in the USSR. This happened in 1967.

National Anthem of France used in the introduction of the song «All You Need Is Love».

After graduating in 1967, the track «Penny Lane», authorities Liverpool suffered serious losses due to the theft of signs on the houses. As a result, it was decided to write the name of the street and house number directly on the walls of buildings.

Before the first large-scale tour group, the company «Baskin-Robbins» make special icecream «Beatle Nut».

George Harrison became the founder of charity concerts. August 1, 1971 the musician has organized two charity concerts in support of Bangladesh.

The song «Hey, Jude» you can hear the cry of Paul: «Oh, fucking hell!». It was a reaction to the wrong chord. At the insistence of John, the phrase was left in the original recording, and only slightly muted. Listen to 2:56 at 2:58.

The song «Hey, Jude» Paul McCartney wrote his son John, Julian, on the eve of his parents' divorce. Julian Lennon bought the notes of the song at auction in 1995, 25 000 pounds.

Composition «Can`t Buy Me Love» was recorded with only 4 doubles!

Elton John is not only the godfather of Sean Lennon. He is also the author of one of the most popular John Lennon cover songs «Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds». And so beloved that the tracks sound backing vocals and guitar, John.

The song «She Said, She Said» line: "She said, she said," I know what it means to be dead. '" This shared knowledge of the dead Peter Fonda and John Lennon in his hallucinations LSD.

First record «The Beatles» made in 1958. It was a record, recorded in a local studio for five pounds. 23 years later, that record Paul bought from one of the participants write - Duff Lowe.

To sit at the school desk Ringo Starr, you must pay five pounds.

Initially, the composition «Yesterday» called «Eggs» (Scrambled Eggs). That sounded like the first line: «Scrambled eggs, oh my baby how I love your legs».

Last joint photo session of all members of the group took place in 1969. August 22, the quartet of musicians, as well as Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, Shepherd Marta and two donkeys posing in Tittenherstskom Park.

All the band members have a nominal asteroid.

Listen only to good music!
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