Pajamas is published! Yes, most comfortable home wear has become one of the most important fashion trends of the new season. This spring pajamas appropriate everywhere - in the office, at a noisy party and dinner party. Another question - how much you have to be bold to appear in traditional clothing for sleeping in public?

Pajama style - one of the so-called underwear fashion, begun by the mid 90s the legendary Gianni Versace. In '95 he released the spring-summer collection, consisting mainly of light flying dress resembling underwear and nightgowns. The audience left the seen ecstatic, and the name of Gianni Versace has always remained associated with the fashion trend "underwear as an outer garment." I did not find in the vast network of any photos from the show, so those who are interested, I suggest to watch the video. The obvious bonus - part in the show catwalk queens such as Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista in their best years.

Returning to his pajamas. In secular circles it is not the first time - in 2009, Dolce & Gabbana created a collection consisting of the traditional costumes of silk pajama color turn-down collars and belts. Supplemented sandals heels, clutches and shiny ornaments in their hair, these ensembles looked very interesting. Yes, it was a pajama, but very, very luxurious and expensive.

In such pajamas on one of the events appeared Jessica Alba. Season with luxurious outfit the shuttles Roger Vivier and red lipstick, actress looked elegant and at the same time relaxed.

And how do you Evening Dress pajama style? It looks nice, but it's too much.

And what pajama ensemble offered us designers in the new season? Distinctive elements of the "right" all the same pajamas. First, the prints. In addition to the classic pajama stripes, cell and peas, which are always relevant, pajamas decorated with ornaments and more daring - flowers, Indian cucumber, animalic and ethnic prints.

Elizabeth and James



Haider Ackermann

Jill Stuart


Stella McCartney

Alexander Del Aqua

Secondly, the silhouette and shape. Pajama style - is, above all, the combination of a jacket or blouse with turn-down collar, buttoned with free (in rare cases - narrowed) trousers. All this can be belted, tucked or supplemented by other elements, but the essence remains the same.

10 Crosby by Derek Lam

Salvatore Ferragamo

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney (center) and Tommy Hilfiger

Trussardi, Stella McCartney, Paul Smith

Male version of the pajamas from Salvatore Ferragamo. Of course, not as sexy as the classic suit, but still.

The most popular version of the current season pajama became the ensemble from Louis Vuitton. It has all the classic elements of pajamas, but the main highlight is the leopard print, made in the blue range. Whether it's the traditional version leopard in red-black, pajamas would look at least tasteless and vulgar, but blue tones, traditional pajama-style image of balance.

Sofia Coppola in the campaign Louis Vuitton

Australian stylist Caroline Sieber

Photoset in Vogue

Pajamas - the trend is quite controversial, because not every dare to appear in her society. Chances are ridicule (especially if it is a small town, where the following fashion trends - a rarity and, by most accounts, nonsense), but if you really want to try it's worth. The main thing - to properly wear pajamas without forgetting the self-irony. Do not forget about accessories - in this case, they are vital, because they will guarantee that your outfit will not confuse with home clothing. Be sure - high heels, interesting or clutch bag, the presence of makeup.

As for the decoration, something from them too, do not give up. It may be a string of pearls, a lot of bracelets, fancy earrings or necklace massive - the mass of options. An unusual addition to pajamas - headdress.


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