Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a double?

In March 2015, in the Hollywood journal Inquirer published an interview of the famous drummer for The Beatles, in which he admitted that the rumors about the death of Paul in 1966 — the truth.

7 evidence that Paul McCartney is already there on 9 November 1966 in a car crash killed lead singer and guitarist for The Beatles. Floor it was decided to replace with a double. So goes one of the most popular conspiracy theories around the cult British band.


The cover of the album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

In the lower right corner of the album art is visible bass guitar, lined with white roses. The instrument belongs to the Floor, as McCartney was left-handed and it is seen that guitar on the left. In addition, symbolic bass 3 strings (with the usual 4), which symbolizes the remaining three participants.

The look-alike contest in 1966

After the death of Paul McCartney decided to hold a lookalike contest to a group of four people. A few months after the tragedy, the competition for double McCartney has taken place.

According to one version, the winner was William Campbell, who almost immediately disappeared.

According to another version, Paul McCartney was replaced by Billy shirt, which presented the Beatles in the song "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" with the line "So let me introduce to you The one and only Billy Shears And Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" ("Let me introduce the one and only Billy Shears and the "orchestra of the Lonely Hearts Sergeant pepper")

Album cover "Abbey Road"

The iconic album cover "Abbey Road" refers to the death of Paul McCartney. The band members dressed as a priest (John Lennon), the undertaker (Ringo star) and the undertaker (George Harrison).

Paul McCartney is out of step with all (the rest of the band start step with the left foot), is barefoot, and barefoot in many countries bury the dead. In addition, he holds a cigarette in his right hand, what can not be, because McCartney is left - handed.

Songs, texts and hints

The participants of The Beatles repeatedly hinted at the death of Paul McCartney in his songs. In the song “A Day in the life” has a line “He blew his mind out in car he did not notice that the lights had changed” (“He smashed his head and the car he didn't notice that the light has changed”) that is an accurate description of the incident, which killed McCartney.

Most references to the death of the lead singer of the group can be found in the "White" album.

Composition Don't Pass Me By contains the words "I'm Sorry I doubted you I was so unfair. You've been in a car accident and lost his hair..." (I'm sorry that I doubted you...I was so unfair. You were in a car crash, and you lost your hair...). The reverse listening to the ending song I'm So Tired of giving "Paul is dead, man, miss him, miss him".

Relationships with people

Further proof of McCartney's replacement on the double was the destruction of the friendly relations between him and John Lennon. After 1966 began to emerge from numerous conflicts, which became one of the reasons for the collapse of the fab four.

Do not have a relationship double and bride Jane Asher. After the death of McCartney, the pair quickly dispersed, and in 1969 the singer got married with Linda Eastman.

Live audio and live performances

It is curious that after 1966 The Beatles were not given a single live concert. The work of the group concentrated on recording Studio albums. In the same period begin experiments with sound. Many of the songs the band recorded with a modified playback speed of the tracks. The style of the famous Beatles changing dramatically.

"Interview" is Ringo star about the death of Paul McCartney in the Hollywood edition of the Inquirer

In March 2015, in the Hollywood journal Inquirer published an interview of the famous drummer for The Beatles, in which he admitted that the rumors about the death of Paul in 1966 — the truth. “When Paul died, we panicked,” said Starr in his confession, — “We were unclear what to do, and then Brian Epstein, our Manager, decided to temporarily replace Paul Billy Shears. He had to hold out in the group is not more than a couple of weeks, but none of our listeners or journalists, as it turned out, did not notice the substitution. Then we decided to make the Shears a permanent member of the band.” published

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