Morning — the time of day as the time of life

... Morning — the most pure and honest. Time of day and time of life...

I was always confident that I am a night owl, just very responsible, so for the sake of some of the important things were able to get up and 5 and 6, and 7. But of course, when the opportunity came up to go to the office, I began to sleep until 11-12. And here, it would seem, poured in full — and what state? Probably everyone is familiar with: heavy head, lazy body, so-so mood... Coffee and only then the morning becomes more or less "good".

Twenty eight million two hundred two thousand four hundred twenty five

At some point I all this is rather tired. Again, yoga practice has revealed himself and demanded a change in the schedule, vegetarianism has made me more energetic...

We like-minded girls have created a social networking group where they shared their goals for the early rise (hard to believe that once to get up at 8:30 on a day off was a feat!), the plans for the morning, secrets of easy revival of your state, small victories and failures. Week by week my alarm sounded before: 8:45, 8:30, 8:00...

Some people say it's not for me, I have a different nature. Vegetarianism is not for me, yoga or sport is not for me, an early rise is not for me. Friends, I dare to assume that we all, of course, different, but came here for one thing — development, discover their best qualities. So all leading to this — for us! Just maybe, the time has not come — as the Buddhists say, it is necessary to accumulate positive karma. Maybe you are ready but do not know, because I used to think the old pattern: "I tried a week/month/year ago, nothing came of it".

Life always throws new challenges, but together with them: when I moved to St. Petersburg, again it's hard to get up early, fall and winter to 11 am the darkness outside the window, it was difficult to find the motivation to get out of bed at 6-7 am. But in India, where I ride in the winter, easily and happily get up at 5-6 and go to watch the sunrise, meditate on the beach, to do yoga... But in a dark apartment you can always turn on the lights, light the aroma lamp with an invigorating oil, squeeze it yourself orange juice and start the day. And when a favorite spring comes is to go through the empty streets and smiling in the first rays of the sun...

Then, of course, much more was given: the raw food diet has reduced the amount of time needed for sleep, I found like-minded people, which can be written in 6 hours, "good morning!"and to be inspired by their example, opened up the simple pleasures of green tea, clean water with lemon, a cool shower, morning meditation... you Know, I was at first all is also not particularly inspired!

Say, if you desire spiritual growth, to develop, we must learn to get up early. I too believed it, just decided to try (the ego with its desire to take new heights still sometimes benefits!). And now, getting up at 6-7 am every day, I can definitely say that the morning is a miracle and happiness. So, you put your will power, get used to it, and then it already starts to work for you. Honestly, I don't know how. Esoterics believe that in the morning, in the space of a special energy. And in my experience this is what happens:

1) becomes more time — all the time

2) the motivation (at first, maybe nothing to do) to read more, to engage in foreign languages, creativity, some practitioners, sports,

3) want to care for themselves — initially for an easier Wake-up, and then a cool shower, a variety of cleansing, rubbing the face with ice, gentle massage, etc. become loved and familiar paths of your external cleansing,

4) the lightness and joy more, even if you Wake up dark and snowy morning

5) begin to feel the beauty of nature more clearly, see things from other people in the rush of the day disappears,

6) the heart is revealed, because... you've seen how sleeping is your favorite person? believe me, it's more intimate than many other revelations!

7) speaking of the cleansing of the inner, which gradually becomes more desirable: yoga, pranayama, meditation in the morning, the soft, but deep at the same time,

8) the mind becomes more relaxed and the heart more joyful,

9) the intuition becomes more acute, in the morning you can get answers to any questions, just ask them right after waking up... hence the wisdom of some deep contact with your Soul, with God

10) life is changing along with the numbers on the alarm clock.

Often people tell me: you like the sun, all the time glowing, very positive, always so light, strong, inspiring... of Course, my "batteries" need recharging. Many ways, but most of them had once started in the morning rise. To reveal talents, to open the mind to new ideas, to reveal the body in asana and the breath, smile, a heart for others — all this is easiest to do in the morning. Eyes before the usual.

Wonderful morning all of us every day! published 

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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