To start a new life Monday...

Many of us plan to start to introduce some significant changes in my life "tomorrow", "Monday", "since the beginning of the month or year"... If you think that I start to mess with your mind, saying something like: "No need to wait, start right now, immediately at any day and hour!" – you are mistaken.

I'm just to serious and significant changes to make to do at a certain point, when the body and mind are most ready for it. Whether it's quitting bad habits, start exercise, regime change or work, etc.

And here's why.

All our life on planet earth is subject to certain cycles and rhythms. This natural (sun, moon, times of day, seasons) and social calendar and just caused by life in society (where, for example, decided to work mon-Fri, 9 to 18).

The day of man you can imagine how small model of his life. This experience was echoed by Arthur Schopenhauer: "Every day is a life in miniature: awakening and getting up is birth, every fresh morning — youth and falling asleep is death."

And this phrase is really a lot of sense.

Awakening – the birth (and it is better to Wake up early in the morning)

Then until noon is the most active period of human life, his youth, a set of experiences, creativity. It's time to start something new or something big changes in your life.

"Every morning is a chance to start life anew." ©Paulo Coelho

The situation is similar with the cycles of the week and month.

Many of you probably noticed that the productivity and activity in the early weeks of the grow, reach a maximum during mid-week (Wednesday and Thursday) and then begin to subside dramatically. In the month – a similar situation. In order to successfully use the "power middle," it is better to start at the beginning of the period.

Another important cycle that is strong enough to affect human activity – the phases of the moon.

Starting something new is better for growing, not waning moon (although there are exceptions, for example, begin to starve better on the waning moon).

It turns out, the most favorable time for "a new beginning" – early Monday morning, January 1, during the waxing moon?

Not really, we have some calendar here lies the problem.

The Chinese have built more than all right. As they new year is the spring Festival. Then all fits together: spring – this is the very beginning: birth, morning, youth. The true beginning of a new yearly cycle. And the reference of the Chinese calendar to the lunar cycle, in my opinion, more correct.

According to my personal observations, those people around me who subconsciously began to change lives "Monday" left in his endeavor on "heroes", breaking the way of life in any moment.

But there are always exceptions. You know people have reached the "top class" and are capable of dramatically (and forever) change the life at any moment and under any circumstances. Say to them quite on forces on Saturday evening an hour before the next feast — "stop drinking"

Sometimes I do that. For a change, as some challenge to myself. But still often bring to life something new, just "Monday".

In General, don't be afraid of the habit to start a new life together with the beginning of a new cycle. It is really simpler and more in accord with nature.



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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