6 strange ways that your work can kill you

Any work vrednaRabota office can kill a person in many ways. And you probably think that you are safe, standing behind the cash register, or giving people their favorite coffee. What could be wrong with such work, apart from a few very bad customer? It turns out bad enough here. No matter what your job, it always seems to find a way to get you.

1. Shift work can lead to diabetes and Rakow ever you heard someone boasts that he managed to cram 40 hours in several long shifts so that each week he remains four free days, during which he may do all what pleases?

Maybe someone told you that he's working the night shift, so he did not have to deal with all these hideous, awful people?

Working in shifts, you constantly knock down your biorhythms that leads to accelerated wear of the body h4> When you see these people the next time, tell them that they have not long to live. This will erase the smirk off their faces. If they are, of course, do not fall asleep while you pronounce this sentence.

In shift work has certain advantages. However, there are also disadvantages, which include heart disease, ulcers, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

The problem is that such a timetable violates the circadian rhythm, which, like your internal clock says it's time to go to sleep, or vice versa - to wake up.

Working in shifts, you constantly knock down your biorhythms, which leads to accelerated wear of the body. The effect is the same as in the accelerated aging.

And when you get older, you can begin to lose cognitive abilities that often manifests itself in the form of memory lapses. It is very annoying when you are, for example, go from room to room and can not remember what you need.

And it leads to a more mass accidents. Such as the Chernobyl accident. It is believed that the Chernobyl disaster was caused by the fatigue of personnel is to work in shifts.

2. The daily commute increase depression and disrupt your dream book does not like to stand in a traffic jam every morning, but that's not the worst, right? You make a few deep breaths, includes a good audio book and forget about everything. Yes, but it is not so.

Prepodnesёm it delicately: the daily commute turn your life into a living hell. People who commute to work more than an hour, there is increased anxiety and a reduced level of happiness and life satisfaction. 10 kilometers that separate your bed from your workplace, would be enough to make you more prone to depression.

People who get to work on their own cars, feel much better than pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers h4> Suburban even report that they have "the feeling that their daily activity does not make sense ».

Mental disorders - that's not all, as well as daily trips disrupt your sleep, and not only because the allotted time on it, you have to spend on the bus next to the workers from the construction site, which reeks of stale. Just the quality of your sleep is getting worse, and you constantly wake up exhausted.

Over time, the situation becomes even worse: the daily trip of 10 kilometers lead to increased levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

Even the mode of transportation matters, with not such as you might think. For example, you probably think that walking or cycling in the fresh air will contribute to the production of endorphins, while the journey to work in his own car will make you more susceptible to social isolation and other psychological problems. It turns out that fresh air is not always good. People get to work on their own cars, I feel much better than pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers.

3. Regular business trips contribute to obesity and stressuEsli because of their work, you're on the road a lot longer than it takes to just go there and back, we have bad news for you.

The more time you spend on business trips, the greater the chance that one day you will return home with one very unpleasant souvenir. Here you might think that there is air travel and served undercooked chicken can be beneficial for your body.

Perhaps this is so, that's just business travel in cars spread much broader. This trip involves many hours of sitting, which leads to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and many other unpleasant things.

Those who are often on business trips, almost twice as likely to suffer from obesity, and a high probability that their cholesterol level and pressure will be increased. And as you probably guessed, due to frequent business trips there are problems in family life and increased stress levels.

Thus, the decision boils down to, to find a job that does not have to travel, right? No, not so.

It is interesting that people who do not travel too often in very poor health. This is probably because they are initially too weak to afford to go somewhere. Or simply can not squeeze into their cars.

So the decision boils down to finding a job that will allow you to travel a strictly defined number of times.

4. Standing well as harm to your zdorovyuMy already know that constant sedentary work is harmful to the body. And yet we know that our bodies are not designed to sit on the chairs that we use.

But we also have not been established, and to stand for long periods. This suggests that the most natural way - it's still sitting work. However, this "natural way" may well lead to spoiled spine and varicose veins.

On the other hand, the counter for standing also create problems. Your monitor will not be in place, and this will certainly affect your neck, plus when you're standing work unnecessarily strain the wrist, increasing the likelihood of "tunnel syndrome».

And if you are overweight, it can greatly increase the load on the back, joints and veins. This can lead not only to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also to heart disease.

Solution - to sit on a chair (preferably with the back), but do not forget every 20 minutes, get up and walk around the office, to avoid complications, because our bodies are ill-suited to work in that position and will never allow to feel happy.

5. The low wages and overtime work adversely affect serdtseEschё bad news for those who work in shifts, and for those who, for whatever reasons, have to work more than 11 hours a day: the risk of cardiovascular disease in these people is incredibly high and amounts to 67%.

«The widespread increase in salaries by 10% will lead to the fact that the incidence of hypertension will be less than 132 000 per year» h4> If you do most of the day still sitting in the office, without having access to normal food, and your soul while slowly rotting from the inside, it turns out to be very harmful for you.

If you voluntarily chose long shifts and overtime because hate fun or because you really need the money, and the salary you small, the news is even worse: poor people - are sick people.

Low salaries are directly linked to obesity and hypertension. A recent study states that "the widespread increase in salaries by 10% will lead to the fact that the incidence of hypertension will be less than 132 000 per year».

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