The waves of biorhythms: why is it sometimes all too lazy?

You will surely notice that every day is not the same as the previous one. Happens when very good is intellectual work, and you're ready to work even on a weekend, and sometimes I can't tear myself from the bed, even if it is a weekday. This is explained by the fact that every human life from the moment of birth accompanied by three of biorhythm: physical, emotional and intellectual equal to 23, 28 and 33 days, respectively.

Each of these cycles has the points of rise and fall. So for example, if the physical biorhythm lasts from the 1st to the 23rd of January, roughly from the 1st to the 11th of the month is coming up, and on the 12th and the 23rd decline.


1. The physical cycle Is 23-day rhythm with a positive phase in the first half and negative in the second, with the critical days during the transition from one cycle to the other and in the middle of the cycle. This rhythm affects all physical aspects of functioning and abilities. Physical rhythm, when compared with the other two, very important, as for any activity paramount physical abilities of a person.
Sometimes the effect of this cycle is barely noticeable, sometimes manifested in the course of daily activities very painful.
No matter what day we choose, so let's start with the moment you heard the Wake-up call. Your hand flies out from under the blanket and priklepyvayut hated the sound or sleepy pokes in search of a button. You jump out of bed or crawl out.
  Positive phase

If you are in a positive phase of the cycle, in the morning, getting up, needs to feel good (especially men). Shaving — electric or razor safe — is very easy, the skin smooth and supple. The blade easily glides over the face without leaving cuts, and the tart smell of the lotion sets for a good day. And Breakfast, most likely, will seem to you a tasty and well cooked. The usual walk to the station — a pleasure. You will notice that overtake those who were usually ahead of you. Don't you hate crowded car in which there was no free seats, or ride in the car Smoking, even if you used to smoke cigarette after cigarette. The road from the station to the office or the factory you can overcome literally in one breath.

If you work in an office, then perhaps this day you will not want to stay in the chair too long and you'll take any excuse to get up and walk. You feel some playfulness," that you a strange anxiety. The reason for this is lack of exercise, and your short walk around the office — trying to spend over physical strength.
Working in a day will normal easily, and sometimes exceeded it; if it works on the Assembly line, monotony will cause irritation.

From lunch break you will enjoy not so much by eating, but because of the ability to walk, the end of work will have to wait more impatiently than usual, and came back home at the first opportunity bring walk the dog, cut the lawn, do something around the house or rummage in the car.
Even better in the positive phase of the physical cycle, when excess forces to play a couple hours of football, tennis or practice some other sport.

  Negative phase

In the negative phase all, of course, is the opposite. To get out of bed in the morning difficult, bodrstvovanie harder. Shaving is just a dangerous occupation, as the skin becomes rough and rough.
No appetite. You can't force himself to swallow another bite, except drink a Cup of tea or coffee. The road to the station seems too long, and even takes a few extra minutes. Stand in the wagon difficult, but if you are a heavy smoker, you have to stand (even in the car Smoking space is available), because you just need to smoke to bolster the falling spirits. You prefer the Elevator or escalator and take the bus instead of walk to work.
Arriving at work, you're relieved down in the nearest chair, as by this time I feel completely exhausted. Work, no matter how easy it was, takes a lot of force. To attack your lunch break, even if you do all morning was glued to the chair, you will have only one desire — to rest. Some sandwiches seem a sufficient portion of food; you may even want to take a NAP, his head on the table.

Somehow you managed to make it to the end of the day, but are you willing to spend on the job all night, if only again not to waste so much effort on the road! When you came home, your only wish is to sit in front of the TV. The dog can walk itself, the grass is let grow, the household chores will wait, the car can be sorted out later. Lying in bed, to sleep, perhaps, did not immediately succeed, but even if sleep will be deep, the next morning you will feel refreshed.

2. Emotional cycle

Responsible for our mood and perception of reality. So, in the moments of the growth cycle active person, with joy comes new things and optimistic, but in a period of recession sometimes occurs pessimism or apathy. It may be useful to predict the mood: the chief partner. Emotional critical days
As the physical cycle, the emotional starts with a critical day, 14 days passes from the positive to the negative phase and ends in the following critical day — again after 14 days. It also has its mini-critical days: the first 8-day of the positive phase and the second 22 day negative.
If someone criticized you, even the best of intentions, you are more likely to react inappropriately: angry, refuse to go with him, or unwittingly, quarrel.
Something went wrong at work and you get mad. If you are a slave, then perhaps the result would be outside the door with severance pay, and if the boss — subordinate expel themselves over trivial observation which you in the current condition will seem vile insult.
Negative phase

As the cycle enters the negative phase, you will become less sociable, Moody, irritable and sensitive to things that normally you are not particularly alarming. All you need, all you fought. Most feel that your employees and family.

There is another manifestation of the negative phase of the emotional cycle: you become a storm sellers, finding fault with everything from poor service to bad design of the store. Defiantly check the change, the cashier, for such behavior you even stop to indulge in some stores. While you may not be aware of how ridiculous behave. On the 22nd day of the cycle, at its lowest point, everything and everyone — your enemies. You have a completely negative view on everything, and the mood fluctuates between the two extremes. As the rhythm slowly moving to the next critical day, life begins to look brighter. On this day, you are prone to joke — a stupid one. Excessive confidence can also play a role: perhaps you'll shoulder the responsibility, you don't need.
Generally speaking, if a normal transition period for the physical cycle is 24 hours, then emotional, at least 48 hours. And this period is fraught with troubles. Therefore, you should avoid driving a car because the risk of accident is high enough and a stressful situation will only worsen the situation.

Of course, most of us employed some sort of professional activity, and we can't always hang a sign "Closed". However, in some countries, some do. Drivers in the critical days of asking to work in the garage, and if allowed to get behind the wheel, only with a warning sign. In some Japanese cities, where the study of biorhythms have become part of everyday life, taxi drivers necessarily dangerous days of use of this sign. The little box on the car — here the most common sight.
The use of the positive phase

The work in the group, regardless of profession requires some acting ability. About personal preference sometimes forget. It can be better when emotional rhythm is in a positive phase. In those days, even TV presenters are unlikely to confuse lines of the message, which read.
You going to propose to my future wife. I think you will forgive you if you first determine the status of your biorhythms. Here you will find a big surprise. Research discovered that couples the corresponding biorhythms is often the opposite.

3. Intellectual cycle This cycle controls all intellectual reaction, the power of the mind, perception, and sharpness, judiciousness, good old common sense. Positive phase, which starts with a critical day emphasizes the focus of these abilities for the good; and in this period you're a genius. The observation reaches a higher level, and simple problems are solved easily, without hesitation. From the intellectual point of view, you feel in great shape, you want to challenge its how you feel, underused brain. Perhaps you will try to make some calculations or to test your memory — if only to stretch their brains."

In fact, in this phase a good idea to use collection of puzzles, because if the brain is not hard enough, he soon begins to miss. High-level intellect, doomed to idleness, can lead to social problems.
The positive intellectual phase
Experts believe that the human brain is far from fully exploited. As for the intellectual cycle lasts 33 days, then it is necessary to squeeze everything possible.

Better than uses the intellect, the more it develops. This can be compared to a car engine: the more and more he works, the more effective its application. Constant short trips in the end will lead to breakage.
Students will be interested to know that, while in this phase, for half an hour they will learn more than a whole day in a negative phase. Creative processes are easier, since ideas do not run out. All the senses are keener, the reaction is instantaneous. Debates are sharp, conversation with you is interesting everything, Because the intellect is in such good shape, after dinner over a glass of brandy and a Cup of coffee could discuss a lot of things. The critical days of the cycle
However, in the critical days, intelligence "gets messed up". In the head — confusion, by the evening you feel to Express yourself is becoming increasingly difficult. In those days, you should not make important decisions. Prudence and common sense will fail you, but the memory can play a cruel joke. Even a small trip will be difficult, especially if you go to places unfamiliar to you.
In the intellectual critical day rhythm has a slightly longer duration than in the physical. In normal conditions you'll be back in about 48 hours.
Remember: if on a critical day or close to it have you set the date for an important meeting or need to make a responsible decision, it is better, if possible, to postpone scheduled. In the case of urgency of the event don't forget about the increased risk of errors.
It is possible that nothing unusual you not feel without labor, for example, a written exam in one of the first, but when you check the work, you will find that you miss something important.
Or, for example, you work as a cashier. In those days, there is a possibility of miscalculations. Negative phase

In the negative phase of mental activity is slowed down, the perception dims noticeably lack of concentration, the solution of even the simplest task requires a huge effort. In some cases, these changes go unnoticed because of the small intensity.
Teachers, for example, who have to constantly train your mind, show only a small difference in abilities. Awkward phrase here, a little pause there when their memory fails, all of the negative signs of phase. In the critical days they might accidentally mix up someone's name or position or time or two again.
In athletes, however, whose way of life is associated with physical activity and who use their mental faculties not as much as professional teachers, may in a negative phase to show complete lack of concentration.
Interestingly, the negative phase of the intellectual cycle almost does not affect the driving. Most people drive a car automatically, and this process is closely connected to the emotional sphere, not sharpness of mind. The reaction may be a little slow, but once you've learned how to sit behind the wheel, driving skills are fixed on physical and emotional levels, rather than mental, as it may seem. However motorcyclists while driving constantly have to think; they need to closely observe his intellectual cycle.
Experts in the field of biorhythmology believe that the negative phase of the intellectual rhythm, when possible to do routine work, and not something new. Based on the book "the waves biorhythm" Peter West (to calculate your biorhythm, you can follow this book, or find many free on-line programs for the calculation of biorhythms on the Internet). published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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