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Nancy Shevell, the third wife of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney ... What do we know about her, except that she is a businesswoman and met with Sir Paul in 2007. Yes, indeed something and nothing, as Mrs. Shevell (now Mrs. McCartney) - not a public person,. Quite the contrary, it is their people who avoid media attention. For more than three years relationship with musician Shevell has not given a single interview, did not comment on their romance - journalists had to gather information bit by bit from a source close to McCartney and Shevell. But some information about this pretty brown-haired 51-year-old is, and I'm happy to share it

Nancy Shevell was born in November 1960 in New Jersey family transport tycoon Myron Shevella, head of New England Motor Freight, who made a fortune in trucks and spare parts. No wonder that later she decided to go into business: from the birth of her surrounded by an atmosphere of continuous capital increase. Myron Shevell tried to provide his family a golden future: the best teachers, the best universities, the best course. Official Nancy Shevell career began in his father holding company Shevell Group of Companies, LLC Very quickly she became vice president of the company

In 1984, Nancy married lawyer Bruce Bleykmana, in 1994 they had a son. But after meeting with McCartney's marriage, of course, broke up (well, who can resist the legendary musician!). Shevell and Bleykman silently divorced in December 2008, when an affair with Nancy McCartney has made no secret. No scandals and the division of property was not - Bruce Bleykman fairly wealthy person without Shevellov million

Nancy Shevell has never concealed that at age 30 she won breast cancer, but not everyone knows that Nancy was a close friend of McCartney's first wife, Linda, who died from this terrible disease. Nancy Linda supported during a fight with her illness, but with Sir Paul was not personally familiar with at the time (at least, so says McCartney)

Nancy Shevell is a relative of the well-known American writer and television presenter Barbara Walters

By nationality Nancy - Jewish

I do not know, like a newly-made couple McCartney will develop further, but personally, I have the impression that Nancy Shevell - a worthy woman. I would like it to be the last marriage of Sir Paul (and we know that these rockers). Advice and love!

Damn, but to me it seems like a John Lennon! :)


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