First name rock bands

Before you find music and world fame, many groups have changed more than one name. We suggest you look at the first and original name of the world's iconic rock bands.

Pink Floyd called Tea Set (Tea set)

After renaming Tea Set (T-Set) group did not immediately come to the final title. First they became The Pink Floyd Sound, and only then simply The Pink Floyd after two blues musicians from North and South Carolina -Pinka Anderson and Floyd Kangxi. The definite article was dropped from the title until 1970.

Led Zeppelin called The New Yardbirds (Recruits)

May 1966, IBC Studios, London. Jimmy Page runs a studio session: written «Bolero» Jeff Beck. In the control room, he sits down to enjoy a smoke with Keith Moon, drummer of The Who, who - along with bassist John Paul Jones and pianist Nicky Hopkins - is also involved in the recording. Due to the caliber of the musicians around him, Paige jokingly offers a new band, but with John Entwistle of The Who Jones instead. Moon enthusiastic about the idea, but jokingly says the group will collapse as "the lead airship» («lead zeppelin»). Two years later, thinking about the name of the group, Paige remembers replica moon. Walking in a hurry by manager Peter Grant, he mentions this: he smiles and nods in approval. Later, Grant will offer to write the name of «Led Zeppelin», to avoid confusion with the pronunciation.

The Beatles called Johnny & The Moondogs (Johnny and the Moon dogs)

What would have happened if it were not Beatles Beatles? How then would call an incredible phenomenon known as "Beatlemania"? It all started with the Quarrymen - this name was in the group that has amassed quite young Lennon and McCartney. The band's name was given in honor of Lennon's school Quarry Bank. But when the band began to do more performances took more sonorous name, and then there were Johnny and the Moondogs. But to stay "moon dogs," "Beatles" was not destined, in April 1960, the band changed the name to The Beatles.

Muse called Rocket Baby Dolls (Reactive CPMP)

It was very name of the group before the last and final - Muse, but the boys could boast of such interesting titles as Carnage Mayhen, Gothic Plague, Fixed Penalty, and others.

Black Sabbath called The Polka Tulk Blues Band (in honor of the mother of talcum powder Osbourne)

Initially, the group was named The Polka Tulk Blues Band (after a cheap variety of talcum powder, which Osborne noticed in the bathroom of her mother); It comprises also slide guitarist Jimmy Phillips (Jimmy Phillips) and saxophonist Alan Clark (Alan «Aker» Clarke). Then the name of the group was reduced to Polka Tulk, and then (despite the protests of Osborne) renamed it to Earth; this time Phillips and Clark composition was not. By the time when a group called Earth, and includes several demos: the band recorded several songs Norman Haynes (Norman Haines), in particular, «The Rebel», «Song for Jim», and «When I Came Down»

In December 1968, Iommi abruptly left Earth to join Jethro Tull; guitarist participated in this composition was short-lived, but he managed to come out with Jethro Tull in the TV show The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. In January 1969, disillusioned with the direction of development chosen by Jethro Tull, he returned to Earth. "There was a feeling that all is not so ... At first I thought, Tull - a great team, but I somehow do not like the idea that the group has to be a clear leader, what, in fact, was Ian Anderson. From Tull, I came back with a completely changed attitude. They taught me that if you want to move, to be on this good work "- later recalled Iommi.

At first, the band played blues-rock, but soon became a "dark" music and occult themes. This idea first occurred to Iommi: once, looking out the window at all the tickets to the cinema, where walked film Mario Bava "Black Saturday" (in the Anglo-American box office, he went under the name «Black Sabbath») with Boris Karloff in the title role, he said: "If people like scary movies, maybe they like scary music?»

Meanwhile, it turned out that in England many confuse them with another, previously formed by a group of Earth, which means it's time to change the name. By this time in the group's repertoire was the song «Black Sabbath», inspired by the works of masters of the occult fiction Dennis Wheatley to which Osbourne wrote the lyrics, partly under the influence retold Butler episode that happened to him soon after he read the book of the XVI century on the black of magic. ("... I woke up in the night: at the far end of the bed stood a figure in black. A few seconds later, she seemed to have disappeared, forcing me to relive the moment of unforgettable horror ..." - hence the first line of the song: «What is this that stands before me? Figure in black which points at me ... »).

The composition, created with use of the notorious newt (in the key of G; this idea, as claimed by Iommi and Butler came to him at the same time), once asked a group of development of a new direction]. Impressed by his own new sound, in August 1969 the band decided to rename the group Black Sabbath and later focus on creating exactly the kind of songs that could serve as a sort of rock equivalent of horror films.

Called Queen Smile (Smile)

According to Mercury, he chose the name of the Queen because it was "a very regal, and sounds great." "It is a strong name, very universal and direct. He has a great visual potential and it is open to all kinds of interpretations, "- he argued. Other members suggested other names: Roger Taylor suggested to call the band The Rich Kids, also considered a variant Grand Dance.

Queen bassist Mike Grose last concert when the band performed under the old name, was a show at City Hall in Truro, although the name of the Queen was finally adopted earlier. The next concert, which was held July 18 at Imperial College, London, the band was billed as Queen (formerly Smile). The group has been designated as a Smile as a concert on November 14 the same year in Hertford. The fact that the team formerly called Smile has also been mentioned in the announcement of the concert in Truro July 31, 1971, after more than a year after the renaming.

Red Hot Chili Peppers called Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem (Tony Flow & surprisingly majestic lords of chaos)

Initially under the name Tony Flow & the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem, their first gig was at the Rhythm Lounge before a crowd of 30 people, revealing Gary and Neighbor's Voices. Musicians improvise while Kiedis read his poem «Out in LA». Since then, both Slovak and Irons started playing in other bands, such as «What Is This?», Tony Flow & the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem was intended as a one-off performance. However, it was so lively that the band was asked to speak next week. Because of this unexpected success, the band changed its name to Red Hot Chili Peppers, playing several shows in different clubs in LA. Several songs from these presentations included in the first album.



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