First name rock bands

Before you find music and world fame, many groups have changed more than one name. We suggest you look at the first and original name of the world's iconic rock bands.

Pink Floyd called Tea Set (Tea set)

After renaming Tea Set (T-Set) group did not immediately come to the final title. First they became The Pink Floyd Sound, and only then simply The Pink Floyd after two blues musicians from North and South Carolina -Pinka Anderson and Floyd Kangxi. The definite article was dropped from the title until 1970.

Led Zeppelin called The New Yardbirds (Recruits)

May 1966, IBC Studios, London. Jimmy Page runs a studio session: written «Bolero» Jeff Beck. In the control room, he sits down to enjoy a smoke with Keith Moon, drummer of The Who, who - along with bassist John Paul Jones and pianist Nicky Hopkins - is also involved in the recording. Due to the caliber of the musicians around him, Paige jokingly offers a new band, but with John Entwistle of The Who Jones instead. Moon enthusiastic about the idea, but jokingly says the group will collapse as "the lead airship» («lead zeppelin»). Two years later, thinking about the name of the group, Paige remembers replica moon. Walking in a hurry by manager Peter Grant, he mentions this: he smiles and nods in approval. Later, Grant will offer to write the name of «Led Zeppelin», to avoid confusion with the pronunciation.

The Beatles called Johnny & The Moondogs (Johnny and the Moon dogs)


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