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New Guinness record.

The building with the richest and most numerous illumination according to the Guinness Book of Records -
House of David and Jeanine Richards (David and Janean Richards) in the Australian city of Forrest.

The Christmas lights and decorations are involved 331, 038 light bulbs.
To create a light record owner of the house has spent 4 years.

The most expensive Christmas tree decoration was recorded December 7, 2002 in Tokyo. The Japanese branch of a tree adorned with Piaget jewelry 83 total cost of $ 16 million.

The largest floating Christmas tree 85 meters high was set in Rio de Janeiro in 2007. Sponsored by the record became the largest Brazilian insurer Bradesco Seguros e Previdência.

The biggest Christmas star height of 31, 59 meters was installed in the Indian city of Kochi on 31 December 2009. The project was implemented thanks to the real estate company Apple A Day Properties.

The largest stocking for gifts of 32, 56 meters and a width of 14, 97 meters was set up in 2007 under the action of the British Society for the Protection of Children's Rights Children's Society.

At the entrance to the Singapore Tanglin Mall shopping center in 1996 was the largest Santa Claus made of metal and foam. The height of the structure was 15, 6 meters and the width - 4 meters.

The biggest Christmas calendar height of 71 meters and a width of 23 meters was placed on St Pancras station in London in 2007.

The fastest Santa named winner of the traditional race in England Santa Claus Paul Simons (Paul Simons). In April 2009, he covered the necessary distance in 2 hours 55 minutes 50 seconds.

Canadian Jean-Guy Lakerr (Jean-Guy Laquerre) - owner of the largest collection of Christmas symbols. He began collecting in 1988, and by 2010, it has more than 25104 items.

Tridtsatisantimetrovaya fir tree in a pot is the oldest Christmas tree. Grandma Janet Parker British women (Janet Parker) still bought it in 1886.

The largest number of light bulbs in Christmas garland - 150,000 pieces - has been fixed on the Christmas tree in Germany in 2006.

American Erin Lavoie (Erin Lavoie) is able to cut 27 fir trees in 2 minutes and is an absolute record in this type of activity. He proved it is the championship of Guinness World Records in 2008.

The most massive collection of Santa Claus was recorded in Northern Ireland in 2007, it has 13 000 participants

In the Western tradition for Christmas cookies made oven and lay a sheet of paper with the name of a gift. The finished cookies breaking open two people, a gift received by the one who managed to break off a piece more. The largest mass action by breakage of cookies was organized by Vodafone in the UK December 1, 2011. It was attended by 566 people.

The Beatles are the absolute champions of Christmas charts. Their songs often took first place: 12 December 1963 - the song «I Wanna Hold Your Hand», December 10, 1964 - «I Feel Fine», December 16, 1965 - «Day Tripper / We Can Work it Out» and 6 December 1967 - «Hello Goodbye».

The most consistent winners of the Christmas charts considered The Beatles and Spice Girls. Both groups were able to hold on to first place for three consecutive years (1963-1965 The Beatles, 1996-1998 Spice Girls).


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