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Our parents heard the name "Timur and his team," recalls baby product of the same name Arkady Gaidar. But our generation is the name associated with the first Russian-Kazakh landing in Hollywood - the film crew Timur Bekmambetov. The director, producer and screenwriter, taught us to watch Russian films in theaters, not only did domestic films commercially successful, but made major Hollywood bigwigs memorize its complex name to Western ears.

On July 16, it became known that Timur Bekmambetov begin shooting new movie "Hardcore", which he will deliver a producer. The idea for the film came thanks to the popularity on Youtube a clip «Bad Motherfucker» Russian group Biting Elbows. Screenwriter was the author Ilya Nayshuller clip, and the main role was invited South African actor Sharlto Copley, known for his role in the sci-fi movie District№9.

While preparations for the filming process, we can recall the 10 best films of Timur Bekmambetov.

Night Watch (2004) and Day Watch (2006)

Night Watch - a film in a new genre of Russian sci-fi thriller, loosely based on the blockbuster novel by Sergei Lukyanenko - the main domestic fiction. Timur Bekmambetov made not only directed but also co-wrote. After he started talking about Bekmambetov everything - from people in remote Kazakh villages to Quentin Tarantino, who called Night Watch "exciting fantasy masterpiece" and "an epic work of extraordinary power."

In Russia, the film was first adopted controversial, mainly because of the many thousands of fans of the original work Lukyaneko who had long to explain the difference between the literal and the adaptation of the concept "is based on." But most of the critics and the audience, both in Russia and abroad, gave a positive assessment of the picture high. The film with a budget of 4 million. Dollars at the box office was able to collect more than 34 million.

The film set a high standard for the Russian blockbusters - Bekmambetov not only use innovative special effects and shooting techniques, but also brought the author's unique aesthetics. He created not only a spectacular visual imagery, but also its own recognizable style, favorably differs not only from Russian producers, but also by much more experienced Hollywood colleagues.

Epic battle between light and dark wizards in the territory of modern Moscow not only relished fans of science fiction, but also to ensure Bekmambetov way to Hollywood. The film won the prestigious "Golden Eagle" and entered the list of "100 best films of world cinema magazine Empire». The second part of the picture under the name "Day Watch" build on the success, grossed 38 million. Dollars.

Wanted / Wanted (2008)

The first Hollywood experience Timur Bekmambetov joined on set Hollywood talented youth in the face of the protagonist of James McAvoy, star of the first magnitude Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, and Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky and Dato Bakhtadze. The film is based on the Mark Millar comic book, tells of a secret fraternity of assassins.

"Wanted" was fairly high marks to the public. Total box office receipts worldwide February 1, 2009 amounted to more than 342 million. Dollars

The film grossed a record for Russian filmmakers number of prestigious international nominations and awards: nominated for National Movie Awards in 3 categories ("Best Action Film", "Best Actress" (Jolie) and "Best Actor" (McAvoy)) Nominated for Teen Choice Awards («summer movie"), nominated for "Oscar" in the category "Best Sound" and "the best sound effects," Nominated for SAG USA ("the best team of stuntmen"), a victory in the nomination "Best fantasy film of the year "at film awards ceremony magazine Empire, Nominated for MTV Movie Awards in 3 categories (" Best Actress "(Jolie)," Best Kiss "," The manic episode »).

"Wanted" is hardly a breakthrough on a global scale, but it is impossible not to note the spectacular visuals, special drive, the dynamics and business bekmambetovskoe "madness" in dealing with the laws of physics and the usual Hollywood standards in the use of special effects.

Firs (2011), Christmas trees-2 (2012)

Christmas comedy "Christmas Tree" is an almanac of 9 short stories created by 6 directors (T. Bekmambetov, A. Andryushchenko, Voitinsky A., Kiselev, I. and J. Chevazhevsky Jonynas). Kinonovell tell stories, sometimes funny and sometimes sad or ridiculous, taking place under the New Year with a variety of people in 11 cities of Russia.

All stories are somehow connected in a single chain of events confirms the famous "Theory 6 handshakes." A series of coincidences and directed action binds a lot of random people - pupils from the orphanage to the President of the Russian Vary. In the swirl of Christmas events are involved singer Vera Brezhnev, janitor Yusuf Pasha taxi driver, businessman Boris, actor Yevgeny alcoholic Peter snowboarder Kolyan policeman Valery, and many others.

Bekmambetov made by producer and director. The film was so popular that was released a new almanac - Firs-2, telling stories of old and new heroes, and for the next New Year announced Firs-3. Will Bekmambetov continue to take Christmas trees, or come up with something new (from Eioc up sticks you know how many steps)? Time will tell.

The Irony of Fate. Continued (2007)

Filming remakes popularly beloved Soviet classics - a risky business, for which not everyone will take the director, as the originals remain iconic and relevant. But Timur Bekmambetov made the original course by removing both a sequel and a remake. In the story, the events of the first Irony repeated with the children's favorite characters. December 31 the son of Eugene Kostya went to ... guess where? Of course the bath!
It is not hard to guess what happened next, but it is worth noting that we see not only adventure and Constantine E. Hope Ippolitovna at 3rd Street Builders, Building 25, Apartment 12. Continued receive stories and Zhenya and Nadya Hippolytus by favorite actors 1 part - Andrew Myagkova, Barbara Brylska and Yuri Yakovlev.

The film became the highest grossing box office in Russia and the CIS in 2008, brought together about 49, 92 million dollars. By the way, Eldar Ryazanov has approved and even starred as a passenger aircraft, as well as in parts 1.

Black Lightning (2009)

Not only Batman and Superman to save the world - thanks to Bekmambetov we were superheroes too! True, the superheroes are still inexperienced, do not have superpowers, do not wear latex costumes, and appear as Grigory Dobrygin (which, in general, not bad - apparently not yet Henry Cavill, but not Tobey Maguire). But our superhero has a super-car "Volga GAZ-21" 1966 release. Girls, do not frown, a rarity in fact! This is not any Mercedes - a Black Lightning, the product of nanotechnology, flying on rocket fuel synthesized from a conventional gasoline! (Hmm ... Does not assign Bekmambetov's energy minister?).

In general, a simple student Dima black Volga difficult to save the world (actually, only Moscow, but some still do not know whether there is life outside Moscow) wins his girlfriend, and organizes universal Christmas happy ending.

Naive, but in general, a cute attempt to remove the film superhero comics in the country, where there is no comic book superhero. Box office 21, 5 million of the 15 million invested.

Freaks (2010)

Comedy, in which the characters put in as more embarrassing is the second after the fantastic fighters chip Bekmambetov. The freaks Timur is the producer, but the hand of the maestro is clearly visible in the picture. Heroes with the feature disabled "common sense" with stunning efficiency complicate life for themselves and others, and immediately enchanted (and slightly annoying) the audience with his cheerful idiocy.

In addition to the ubiquitous Urganta and Knightley, one of the main roles he starred Milla Jovovich and lit her mother - one of the main beauties of the Soviet cinema Galina Loginova. The first letters of the names of the actors who have played leading roles in the film (Habensky, Urgant Jovovich) make obscene word. In one of the trailers is shown. For this reason, many cinemas refused to show the movie trailer.

The Phantom (2011)

Another Hollywood fantasy thriller spill, which was made by producer Bekmambetov. Filmed in the trendy format 3D director Chris Horák, and talks about the invasion of aliens. Fresh solution (well, we got tired of every movie look like breaking the Statue of Liberty!) Was transferred to Moscow scene. Two young American IT people diverted from the loss of their Internet project, plunging into the vibrant nightlife of the capital. Before they are immersed in it completely, Moscow is subject to seizure and widespread destruction. But the guys do not lose heart - they had time to get acquainted with the girls, so they are not it-nerds, but it is a normal heroes!

By all the laws of the genre, the American embassy seems the only hope for salvation. But common sense (with the help of aliens) still wins, and the US Embassy, ​​too, do not drink cocktails, and are struggling to survive, as in all of Moscow. By the time the heroes get to the embassy, ​​hope remains. But what could not be brave defenders of democracy, it is the power of a simple Russian electrician, in whose apartment the survivors find a safe haven. But, as always, all ports woman with her shopping - well, who asked them to go out?

In general, the farther still impressive, loud and pointless - heroes run and hide, Moscow beautiful is in ruins, and solve the problem of Russian. Russian is absolutely canonical - they frown sternly, looking as Gosha Kutsenko, carry guns and uniforms, and, as the most reading nation, hiding in the Lenin Library.

In general, the typical American fiction boevichok a Russian flavor. 64, 6 million. Dollars at the box office say that such films Bekmambetov viewers enjoy.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

Apparently, in Hollywood Bekmambetov already consider his point that even entrusted him with the greatest shrine - the most democratic president of the most democratic countries of Abraham Lincoln. And not just trust, and given enough to make fun of American history. And he does it with great pleasure, leading to what is happening on screen gay bloody absurdity. According to Bekmambetov, Lincoln, who remained not so many historic compromising was a vampire hunter. And not on the glamorous with lipstick, which showed in Twilight, but real monsters - terrible, toothy, and so strong that it seems, curly president by Benjamin Walker would not win.

Bekmambetov gives this action a truly epic scope - and now the whole country is drowning in rivers of blood in a brutal war against the vampires (and we, naive, thought that it was the American Civil War). And only with the help of a silver fork ... No, probably enough about the plot.

The film, on which Timur Bekmambetov worked not only as a director, but also as a producer (along with Tim Burton), has collected 116 million. Dollars. The director showed his characteristic imagination in the use of special effects, giving what is happening on the screen of a crazy drive without regard for common sense. There is a suspicion that the whole movie - it's a big ironic bomb in a gift box to Steven Spielberg, who in the same year presented a serious biographical movie about Abraham Lincoln, who became the winner of the Oscar. At least, on this subject, a host of Internet memes in the style of "A cho without vampires?".


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