The Amur tiger and the goat Timur: friendship won

Don't know about You, but we are infinitely happy story of the Amur tiger and made friends with the goat Timur, given to him on a platter. The goat gave the predators back (no one is taught to fear tigers) and even took it to bed, so Cupid had to move to the roof of his shelter!

Here is what they write about these strange relations : "the Tigers twice in a week eat live prey. The Amur tiger can prey on goats and rabbits. But recently, the tiger caught the goat, which he is not wanted, and all because a goat was very brave. The goat no one is taught to fear the tiger. And Cupid decided not to mess with such a bold goat, it did not have. Moreover, the goat survived the Cupid of your own bedroom, and he sleeps in his place for the fourth day.

Cupid had to move to the roof of the shelter. Called daredevil Timur, is a worthy name for such a fearless animal. Day Amur Timur come together in a big cage and hang out. Timur took Cupid behind the leader and follows him everywhere. The fearlessness of Timur and careful of the Amur river led to such a paradoxical result.".

Newfound friends at first settled because it was worried about the fate of Timur: what if Cupid still recognize it food. But convinced that this has not happened, and Cupid began to take Timur as an equal, then worry over the fate of the goat there is no need. Besides separated Timur Cupid she cried all night and strongly expressed the discontent and the sorrow of loss.

There was also the information that the goat made the second bedroom a canopy near the night enclosure of the tiger, so he could himself choose whether to live next to each other or back to their sleeping place.

Friendship has won! (Though we stubbornly comes to mind another saying about "love is evil"...). published

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