Why You don't need a poor lover

For regular women — not glossy bogey with a wallet instead of a brain, like you or your wife, if you suddenly man, — and so, for her, money is usually not worth it in the first place, when she chooses a man to love.

She looks at his hands, listens to the voice, appreciates jokes and seriously claims that "the brain is the sexiest organ." But you never know what she's thinking, but definitely not about money in the first place. To see the man, not his Bank account, it is normal for a healthy personality — one that is not scarred by hunger, poverty and fear for their future. And because these women easily enter into relationships with men whose standard of living is a fraction of its own. It doesn't matter, when such hands and such a voice and such a... um... brain.

Sixty three million five hundred forty four thousand one hundred ten

It is itself not a banker, just survived and modified to paycheck in a couple of thousand dollars, and he of all revenues on the strength of five hundred, and then irregularly, but my God, what's the difference?! When two souls meet, two intelligence, two bodies are attracted to each other, what's the bucks?!

Especially good are these novels in summer, when the long evenings walking around town, eating ice cream in the Cup — as a child! — kissing on the benches and chatting about everything. By winter, the body begins to demand warmth, comfort and hot food, and first dates often happen in cafes. And once the woman begins to notice things.

No, he did not really want in a cafe, unless you insist. No, he fed and will be only tea. He criticizes the local cuisine and not recommended to order a hot. Yes, next school, too bad. He hates Italian, Japanese and French food, but for diner it is much tastier.

Even the most dim-witted woman will gradually realize that he saves. And her heart filled with tenderness: poor boy trying to entertain me, and I pull from him all the money!

"Oh, I forgot to wear a watch. She looked searchingly at him.
– You wouldn't happen to have laid them?
His face reddened again.
– No. I was in a hurry when I dressed.
It was enough to look at his tie to see that it is not. He lied to her. He took the watch in pawn, to invite her to dinner. Throat Julia stuck a lump. She was ready, on the spot, to compress the Volume in the arms and kiss his blue eyes. She loved it.
– Let's go, 'said Julia". ©Somerset Maugham, "Theatre" the Heroine of Maugham's her boyfriend were good sons, but also Mature men in these situations can cause tenderness if a woman very much in love.

It's unusual, and values he's sublime, he's free from the conventions and materialistic goals!--vid1-- On this high wave action quickly goes to the ground, and there you are lovers, you no longer have to wander the streets, you can spend time more usefully.

But not for months. A full-fledged adult relationship need variety — like walks together, travel, intellectual experiences in the form of new performances, exhibitions and films. And, Yes, lunch, too, somewhere.

People are no longer ashamed of each other, the woman knows about his problems with money and understands the situation: either he walk in front of the house feeds her ice cream hamburger, and this until the evening, or on the road all leads to the same cafe, but then a week eats the loaf with yogurt. That will choose a good woman? She says the eternal: "Lord, what nonsense, come on I'll feed you!""I don't want you I paid! If you really want to, buy yourself something, and I'm not hungry."

And here you are in a situation when sitting in front of you your love and noisy gulp, and you eat steak. Great.just great.

And then the negotiations begin. Let me pay now, and you next time? At least take the side dish, I will not ruin it. Do you want half? She learns to enjoy extra meals, eating a little and give him the most — "something I'm not, please save me from this meatball!".

During meetings with friends thousandth quietly passes him a note under the table. There are all sorts of tricks you can come up with to save his pride. That's just a natural physiological process, food is turned into a disturbing ritual that takes too much attention. But there is still the mentioned exhibitions, performances and God forbid, travel. One way out, or go and ride one, or to pay the most for tickets and night taxi.

And it's true, I think: you impose on people a level of living that he cannot afford and, moreover, the gift is not necessary — so why should he have to pay? It downloads the movie for free, traveling around the country, spends the night with friends and not in hotels, abroad wanted to spit that he there saw. So you created the problem yourself and pay.

So to be fair, but somehow, I don't know why, but your relationship starts to crumble. The man seems to be calmly accepts the situation, but it becomes irritating in the details. You disturb his plans to buy a new car, your idiotic iPhone 6+ and this hotel do not like him, why have you removed the doghouse on the Nevsky when his buddies on the Avenue of Veterans of the great couch in the kitchen and still feed homemade soup. You can't cook for shit, at least try, poor thing.

Accommodation Nevsky, by the way, really a kennel — you have to pay for two, and the quality of service that we have to choose, is steadily declining. But I will not leave you so. The situation is not unbearable for you — you still know that the person is more important than money. But the man can handle it.

Don't know what eats it: gender stereotypes, low self-esteem that whispers that it was bought, and inexpensive, or some other complexes, but he gets angry at himself and gradually brings rabies to you.

You don't respect, appreciate, suppress. Sooner or later he'll give you the example of some gentle creature, which looks his mouth, but not counting the fillings, but simply believes grandfather frost with a bag of gifts. And Yes, it is possible to admire the street a donut and a Cup of ice cream.

In Facebook, when I discussed this topic with friends, one woman said an amazing thing: "... I realized that the person should be your size, so you don't have to become smaller in order not to irritate. It's complicated. It's like living in a house where the ceiling just below your height, all the while a little uncomfortable, and then discomfort becomes so much that one can only enter, not to remain for life with his head drawn into the shoulders."

And this, as you know, it's not about income — it's about the innate ability to bring gifts and joy to take them. About confidence men that man is still more important than money, his high self-esteem and the presence of other advantages, besides a fat wallet and machismo pride. If all this happens, the relationship is doomed.

But if happened?

Then we see an excellent happy marriages where women are better at earning, and the man is full of other advantages — it can be support, protection, a good father, an equal partner.

But you never know how valuable this man, if he knows how to respect himself and does not measure his worth with money.

Only now these people, both men and women, not many among us, therefore, these marriages are rare. But their existence gives hope to many that another "poor boy" is indeed "above it all" and very, very free. Well you never know, I might. published 

Author: March Cetro

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