Incredible booty black caviar in Israel

Black caviar, which was once one of the "most Russian" of brands turns into an international commodity. So a few years ago the top three world exporters of sturgeon caviar became Israel. Israel and caviar. Weird? Yes, but Israeli companies supply today sturgeon caviar in the United States and Europe, and, what is most interesting – in Russia, a country that can be called a world center of sturgeon.

The creation of a special branch of fisheries – sturgeon breeding and obtaining of caviar, Israel has immigrants from Romania. In the 90s in kibbutz Dan, specializing in breeding of different species of fish, they wanted to grow trout and sturgeon. The company was created in 1992, when Yigal Ben-Zvi was brought from Russia fertilized eggs of sturgeon.

Now in several ponds of the kibbutz is about 70 thousand sturgeon. Age of the greater part of them close to 12 years. Each fish brings approximately 2.5-3 kilos of caviar. Source material – fertilized eggs of sturgeon or fingerlings, received from the Astrakhan and other cities of the Caspian sea. Of them have grown large sturgeon, and, with the help of modern methods of ichthyology and fish breeding, made such an amount that Israel has become an exporter of caviar, which is also called black caviar, under the name "caviar Galilee".

In the project invested 40 million shekels. The market is quite promising for the last two years volume sales of Israeli caviar abroad increased by 10 times.

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