7 exercises for women from Katsudzo Niche

The complex of physical training for women by Japanese healer, Katsudzo Niche. These exercises are easy to perform useful for women at any age. They form perfect lines of the female body – tighten sagging muscles, remove excess fat and help create a beautiful figure. Such exercises not only improves the female form, it strengthens the joints, keeping them flexible, and prevents salt deposits.

To perform this complex you will need only 15 minutes a day of free time. Select a suitable time during the day to in a hurry. The main thing — not to postpone the exercise late in the evening to not disturb your circadian rhythm. Always follow traffic pleasant emotions and motivation, then the use of such exercises will be more.

Wear loose clothing so it does not constrain your movements. Wash your face and bows with cold water. Put on the floor Mat and proceed to the first exercise.

7 exercises for women from Katsudzo Niche.1.Lie on your back and relax. Imagine yourself on the green flowering meadow with the warm sun. Extend your arms out to the sides. The legs connect together and bend at the knees. Pull your knees up to your chest. Take a deep breath and turn your knees to the right until they contact with the floor. The head turns to the left and slowly exhale. The left cheek should touch the floor, while the shoulders and arms remain stationary. Return to starting position and again take a deep breath. But now the knees turn to the left before coming in contact with the floor, and his head turn to the right. The right cheek should touch the floor. Exhale. The exercise is finished. On the first day do this exercise no more than 4 – 5 times. In the following days, increase the number of repetitions up to 25 times.

2.Lie on your back, place the hands along the body with palms down. The feet on a distance of 30 cm and bend in the knees. Press your feet into the floor. Take a deep breath and pull your abdominal muscles. Relying only on the blades, buttocks together with back lift up. Freeze in this position for a few seconds. Exhaling, slowly lower to the starting position. Relax. Perform this exercise 5 times.

3.Lie on your stomach and pull one cheek to the floor. Hands free place along the body with palms down. Feet position from each other at a distance of 15 cm and tighten buttock muscles. Socks pull, and lift one leg at 15 cm from the floor. Leave the other foot stationary on the floor. Take a moment and then lower your leg to the floor. Do this exercise for each leg 50 times.

4.Lie on your stomach. Hands bend at the elbows, head and shoulders lift up. The palm position on the floor shoulder width apart. Raise both legs to a height of 15 cm and will stay so for a few moments. Do alternating leg swings up and down, simulating swimming. Each leg make 25 – 50 swings.

5.Get on all fours, with hands and feet shoulder width apart. Straighten right leg and lift it to a height of 30 cm from the floor. Make 25 swings the right leg up and down. Return to starting position. Straighten your left leg and make it 25 swings in a row.

6.Get on all fours. Hands and feet position shoulder width apart. Head down and the pelvis lift up. Pull the knee of the right leg forward to touch his forehead. Then straighten the leg, pulling it toward the ceiling and simultaneously lift up the head. Repeat the exercise with your right foot 10 times in a row and go to the swings with the left foot.

7.Get on your knees, keeping the torso upright. Hands lower along the body. Keeping a straight body position, lean back and hold for a few moments. Return to starting position. Exercise repeat 5 times.

After you finish this set of exercises slowly walk around the room as long as the breath will not rest and will not be back to normal. During the walk, think about something pleasant about the beauty of flowers or the gentle waves lapping on the shore.

And so the effect of exercise was stronger, do not take water procedures and do not perform chores around the house, water-related, for at least two hours.published



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