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1906. Cincinnati. Inclined line to Mount Adams. This is not a cable car and an escalator to the tram. The unique transport solution. Currently, the line pulled down, though periodically there are ideas to restore it. The difference in height of about 80m., Length of the track was approximately 280m.

View from a distance of a few more.

1904. New York. Vacation electric omnibus ready to go.

This electric omnibus blood relative "big-nosed" three-axle truck, back in the 70s in a variety of rolls on the expanses of our great country as the company released "Studebaker". The company produces them from 1903 to 1911. An interesting inscription on board the omnibus «Telephone Connection». On board was a telephone omnibus without number that end stations Excursion was connected to the public telephone network.

The Senate subway. Washington. 1915.

Until 1909. all Senators of the US Congress have worked directly in the Capitol, but every year their number grew and place to put them is decreasing. Things reached the point that they were forced to rent an office outside the Capitol, or rent the corners in the halls of the committees. As a result, in 1903 the area was allocated, and in April 1904. began construction of the first office building of the Senate, which in 1972. It was named the Russell Building. At the same time the exact same company (Carrere, Amasis and Hastings) has built the same type of building for the House of Representatives. After the construction of the first phase of the building, there were 98 offices and 8 meeting rooms for Senate committees. Next to the building were added another wing and a number of offices has increased by about a quarter. In those years, there was acute problem of security, "servants of the people", the president Theodore Roosevelt was a living reminder of dangers of terrorist acts (approx. - He came to the office after the assassination of President McKinley), so there is nothing surprising, it was decided to carry out underground electrified the road between the newly built office building and the Capitol itself.

It was completed in the same 1909. when it was built and delivered to the customer office building, now known as the Rassel Senate Office Building. The very same way now expanded and has several branches connecting the basement of the Capitol with some of the Senate office buildings.

Three screw helicopter Sierva Air Horse

The combination of "supersonic seaplane" is very unusual for modern aviation enthusiasts. More exotic sounds only "aircraft - a submarine" - (said to have been, and so on) ... However, supersonic fighter - seaplane was created in the first half of the 50-ies of XX century American firm Convair. Now, half a century later, many believe that it was a dead-end aircraft, but at the time thought so much more.

The first official flight of Sea Dart was made April 9, 1953

Last Sea Dart flew on January 16, 1956

Another jet seaplane Saunders-Roe SR.A / 1

At the Berlin Motor Show in 1921 he demonstrated a car that caused a sensation. The machine design Edmund Rumpler (1872-1940) was a streamlined body, the power unit in the rear of the chassis, the steering wheel is located at the center. In all, it seemed unusual: two lights, one above the other, fanned divergent six cylinder two spare wheel under the floor of the cabin, bessharniraya independent suspension of rear wheels, non-traditional forms of the wings.

Then came a truck here.

"Rumpler" much ahead of his time and did not enjoy commercial success. A small number of these machines worked as a taxi. In 1924 there was an upgraded model of the "4A-106" (its different data are given in brackets). Serial production of "Rumpler" did not go long in total managed to produce several hundred copies. One is exhibited in Munich's "Deutsches Muzeum».

And a British artillery system with a 20-mm automatic cannon SEMAG.

Germany. Army truck on the basis of two tractors Ost / Steyr RSO and the trailer:

Teutonic genius created such here and pedal cars for the army soldiers. 1941.

And with this glider Blohm und Voss BV 40 Germans were going to shoot down American bombers B-17.

Suspended monorail in Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). It has existed for over a hundred years.

British submarine K series with steam turbines and two retractable locomotive on the dive chimneys. designed in 1915, and from 1916 to 1918 built 17 units.

Aeroplan Frenchman M. Givaudan (M. Givaudan) with circular wings. Flying could not.

The first car advertising medium (spamovoz) Jersey City, United States in 1923.

In 1918, the US created the steam tank. Actually, this is a copy of the British Mark IV, but with a steam engine.

Monorail locomotive platform. The designer is not installed.

Ski locomotive Holman. As he rode, and went there is unknown.

Car McQuay-Norris Teardrop Streamliner 1934. Looking at it from where it is difficult to understand. From the past or future.

And this is a Soviet design. DM62 locomotive wheeled chassis. It was created as a tractor to transport missiles.

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