8 unusual modes of transport ...

Buses, taxis and trains are found all over the world, but sometimes the usual means of transport acquired unusual shape.
It is well known that the trip itself to a certain place can be a real adventure, and this is true, especially if you have to make your trip one of the most unusual modes of transport.

Floating Bus, Canada

Hippo (Hippopotamus) - this is a unique vessel, accommodating about 40 passengers, which offers land and water tours of Toronto in Canada. This amphibious bus offers visitors and residents a unique way to explore the city. The trip starts on the ground, and then a bus plunged into Lake Ontario.
You can visit the city safari in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, with all its historical sites and majestic waterways, as well as swimming in Lake Ontario at this unusual bus that floats.
On the bus there are life jackets, and as in any plane, the guide briefly demonstrates how to use them before the bus plunged into the water. However, do not worry, inside the bus - everything is dry, except for small spray on windy days.

Suspension Train, Germany

Schwebebahn suspended monorail - the only suspension urban rail line, which for most of its length passes over the river Wupper at a height of 12 meters. Only the westernmost part between the between the street Zonnberner and Vohvinkel passes over the streets for 3, 3 km to a height of 8 meters . This line can be considered as a full metro line because it is a completely independent system of the city and goes to 4-5 minute break.
For nearly 100 years it was one of the safest vehicles in the world, but unfortunately in 1999 during construction accident occurred when the train fell into the river and killed 3 people. The only rail which is supported by leading train 472 iron arches that span all the riverbed. Recently, all the arches were replaced and repaired the station's initial design.

Underground funicular Carmelit, Israel

Carmelite - an underground funicular railway in Haifa in Israel. It opened in 1956, closed in 1986 and was rebuilt in 1992 after a costly repairs. Since most of the city of Haifa is built on top of Mount Carmel, Carmel, which was named after this mountain is an underground funicular that goes up and down the mountain. The height difference between the initial and final station is 274 m.
Cars Carmelita are inclined, with steps in each car and on the platform of each station. Since the slope is changing all the way, the floors in each trailer are never straight and lean slightly either up or down, depending on the location.
Carmelite - this is one of the smallest underground transport systems in the world, with only 4 trailer, six stations and a tunnel length of 1, 8 km.

Polar rover, Canada

This vehicle looks like a raised bus on the huge wheels of the truck. But did you know that a specially equipped and heated polar ATVs, where you can see polar bears living in the wild in northern Canada, once used as rescue vehicles for fire fighting at airports? They have been converted to handle heavy-duty icy, choppy and rocky tundra and to provide a comfortable vehicle for travelers who want to see with their own eyes the Arctic.

Ice Boat, USA


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