Iranian traffic rules

Well, that is no alcohol in Iran. Absolutely. Otherwise, the streets would be terrible not only travel, but also to go. Rules and regulations of driving mutated irreversibly. Observe the usual traffic rules - hence pose a danger to other road users, or at least - looks like an idiot. "Europeans" need to have a steel body to stress-free ride on the roads of Iran, or to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing.

Typical dialogue with other tourists:
- You are traveling on the bus? - Ask us.
- No, I took the car rental.
- Yes, la-aa-adno! Really? Well, you're crazy ...
20 Photo © Dmitry
I made some important rules of the Iranian normal traffic, you need to learn any tourist who is going to automobile travel to Iran. I also talk a little about public transportation and interesting solutions adjust traffic lights.

- The first and most important rule! To ensure proper technical condition of the car horn. If bibikalka not working, so the car can not be used.

- Submission of the sound signal gives the driver all the benefits and frees him from taking precautions.

- Red light prohibits the movement, unless it is very necessary.

- The requirement of a police officer to stop the vehicle optional.

- It is not allowed to stop and give way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings, as this interferes with the movement of vehicles, as well as increasing the risk of accidents. If before the unregulated pedestrian crossing stop or slow down the movement of the vehicle, thus driving the native, and we need to be extremely careful. Use the beep.

- On motorways it prohibited the movement of his band. Line marking must take place strictly under the driver's ass.

- With a slight traffic accident the driver involved in it is required to go out to look at the damage and shrugged.

- Permission to park until it crunch.

- When turning left or turn the driver has a headlight dazzle oncoming vehicles and abruptly break into the flow, thereby taking advantage of the move.

- Drivers of motorcycles without rear-view mirrors can move as you like and in either direction.

- Rebuilding the driver owes nothing owes.

I have wondered why we were given such a scarred and battered car? When the 5 hours we entered for the first time, all the questions once weighed themselves

- Pedestrians must not interfere with the movement of vehicles on pavements, footpaths or bazaar. Motorcycle riders are allowed to move from house to house and mosque premises.

- The maximum permitted number of passengers on the motorcycle must not exceed 4 people. The wheel is not allowed to carry more than one passenger.

Rules for the transport of children allowed
- Take care of children any free space in the car around the driver
- Transport children on the steering wheel motorcycle

- Hold the baby with one hand, and the other - to hold on to a package of food (passenger motorcycles)
- Give their children steer

- The driver of a vehicle shall at any time be ready to dodge a motorcyclist, moving at the oncoming traffic.

I do not like markets. Especially those that are similar to Cherkizon. And when through the crowd and then squeeze motorcyclists, I am ready to buy an ax.

Not that it's not angry, as "the Iranian ekofrendli" transport indoors. But local people are used to it and did not even grumble when sneaking up behind farting motorcycle or a car. All dutifully step aside.

- Stopping the vehicle is allowed everywhere, if it is necessary.

- Overtaking is permitted everywhere.

- Turn allowed everywhere.

The driver of the vehicle must pass the other vehicle if it:
- It has a high cost
- Beep
- Cuts
- Wedged
- Overtaking on the wrong
- Traveling in the same lane toward
- Suddenly turns
- Rebuilt without sound

Unique Photo - motorcyclist wearing a helmet! I personally saw a motorcyclist driving along tratuary among passersby while reading the newspaper.

All tratuary, courtyards of houses or mosques uncomplicated equipment slides to motorcyclists was more convenient.

Typical traffic. Good marked scoreboard with a countdown. Among the general house I really liked funkitsiya inoperative traffic lights. We cut out the traffic light just blinks yellow, yellow and Iran - if the main road and red - If a minor. Good decision.

From urban transport, I saw only buses, minibuses and taxis. The city buses woman sitting in the rear, the front man. The intercity buses are all sitting mixed. A taxi stuffed like sardines.

An interesting solution - pockets for buses. When you stop one another does not stir.

Cash Ticket. Directions worth any penny.

None of the taxi driver, with whom we have traveled, can not understand in English. RIDING - 20-30 rubles.

For cars do not drive the sidewalks and lawns, dug a huge ditch, put very tall strikers or columns.
By the way, the height of the asphalt layer to vote! However, the quality of roads in the city is still lousy.

But seriously, in a strange monastery with its regulations do not go. Local citizens can live together in this chaos, and feel comfortable. When we come on the road, such "right" tourists, people do not understand our actions and our reactions. When I stopped in front of a zebra, passing a pedestrian, then the first could not understand what was happening, then she showed her hands "Pass, a strange man." It was only when he realized that I stopped him miss, raised his hands in a gesture of gratitude, he started to cross the road. However, he was nearly knocked me overtaking cars from different sides ...

I am 10 years of driving experience not as much signal as 10 days in Iran)

Be careful on the road!



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