9 original types of transport from around the world

In our high tech age it is difficult to imagine someone who'd never nowhere nothing did not go (did not swim, not fly, etc.). While the usual cars, buses, planes and trains list of modern modes of transport is not limited! We present you the most unusual vehicles from all over the world.

Forty six million six hundred forty eight thousand two hundred eighty five

Floating Hippo bus (Canada)


The name of this vehicle is translated as "Behemoth" and it suits him well. The bus begins its journey on land and then "flick of the wrist" turns into a small vessel and moving across the surface of lake Ontario. This "amphibious" mode of transport holds 40 passengers and is used for conducting sightseeing tours of Toronto.

Fifty three million ninety three thousand six hundred sixty two

PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) (UK)


The name translates as "automated personal transportation". It seems that these small streamlined booths came to us from a science fiction movie about the distant future. They move without a driver and on the principle of action reminiscent of the horizontal lift. A ride on the "public transport of the future" in London's Heathrow airport.

Fifty nine million eight hundred eighty five thousand five hundred twenty eight

Bus Wubbo Superbus (UAE)


A life of luxury in the United Arab Emirates is legendary. Look: they even have a bus similar to the luxury supercar! The vehicle has 23 seats and moves from Dubai to Abu Dhabi through a dedicated lane at a speed of about 250 km/h. Developed this bus in the Netherlands, the author of the project was Wubbo Ockels, the first of the Dutch had been in space. Perhaps that is why the vehicle its shape resembles a space ship!

Twenty eight million four hundred eight thousand nine hundred seventeen

Tricycles GoCar (Spain)


This unusual vehicle is also called "singing a taxi". Its main function is to show tourists the sights of Barcelona. The driver of this car no: the machine is guided by GPS and in parallel will inform the passenger about all remarkable objects around. If the tourist will get bored tricycle instead of the tour can tell a joke or sing a song.

Sixty eight million one hundred twenty six thousand eight hundred ninety five

Escalators The Central-Mid-Levels (Hong Kong)


Escalators we used to see in underground or multi-storey shopping malls. But the Hong Kong authorities decided to use this way of moving... to deal with traffic! Residents were asked to drive about a kilometre on the escalators, instead of having to drive from one district to another in the narrow streets. Much easier traffic situation is not brought, but tourists a way to get around much. The transport system includes 20 escalators and 3 moving walkways (moving walkways).

Eighty one million seven hundred twenty one thousand seven hundred twenty four

Street Santa Justa lift (Portugal)


This unusual design appeared in Lisbon for more than 100 years ago: detached Elevator was built by the disciples of the famous Gustave Eiffel. Originally, the cabins went up and down by steam power, then to lift was built motor. Now mine is 45 meters high connects the two Lisbon Baixo and Bairro Alto. Upstairs is an observation deck, which offers excellent views of the city. By the way, for those who suffer from claustrophobia and does not like elevators, nearby there is a ladder to climb.

Eighty nine million five hundred seventy one thousand seven hundred sixteen

Levitating train "Maglev" (China)


From downtown Shanghai to the airport, located 30 km away, the train goes with a speed of 431 km/h. it would Seem that high-speed trains are nothing new but this one is special! The fact that he goes without touching the rails, and just hovering over them. The name of the train "Maglev" stands for "magnetic levitation" and explains the principle of operation of the vehicle. No magic, just the laws of physics!

Twenty seven million eighteen thousand eight hundred eighty nine

Brasserie on wheels (Germany)


Drunk driving severely punished not only here but also in almost all countries of the world. However, on the streets of Berlin is criss-crossing the vehicle on which this law seems not to apply. "Visitors" moveable bar simultaneously drink beer and pedal − combine, as they say, with pleasure. The only sober person in the vehicle is the bartender who pours beer and manages a bar on wheels.

Twenty eight million nine hundred twenty two thousand three hundred seventy two

Metrotram (Russia)


Looking at the photograph of subway tunnel leaves the tram, many believe that this is a photoshop. In fact, this "hybrid" really exists. A large part of its route Volgograd Metrotram overcomes the rails on the surface and at three stations "dives" into the ground, turning into a metro. Moreover, the whole route this type of transport passes with a very impressive speed of 65 km/h.

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