6 women's flaws, attractive to men

6 women's flaws, attractive to men. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com


Some ladies are quite critical of yourself. They are periodically trying to deal with one or another disadvantage. However, is it worth it? Maybe the man he evokes sympathy and affection?

This little article will save you tons of time! You will not have to read tons of women's magazines on how to get rid of a minus. And all because the majority of your shortcomings is a myth, and some of them are even advantages. Let's start with the most important.


1. Excess weight How many women's tears shed on this occasion on the scales in front of the mirror! How many hours and money on, there are nutritionists, fitness, supplements, nightmare, and similar nonsense, in which "the extra pounds will go away." A rare combination of ambitious investment and insignificant results. At the same time, "I'm fat!" shout the loudest are the ones who have too much (in their opinion) kilograms or two or three. But those who have the preponderance of kilos in forty, never say. At least I have never heard of. On the contrary, I know a great number of fat women who are confident at 100. They are successful and loved and not this tells us that probably not all men like ladies with a figure model? No, well, maybe like from a distance. Cute when they walk the runway or pose for calendars. That is purely visual – OK! But in real life, even intimate, for some reason, many want something more tangible. Willy Tokarev outlined roughly, but very clear: "if There feel, you know – stand thing!"

If you explain in a more culturally, then you've probably seen in the Hermitage a kind of openwork antique chair with gold leaf and curlicues, on thin curved legs. To enjoy such a pleasure, but the flop house is still better in something less delicate, but more soft and comfortable. Sorry for such a comparison, but at the level of sensations it most accurately describes the situation. And then, thin, always cold. Im always cold, it's too drafty, permanently you need to sit by the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket. Of course, cover with a plaid lover during a holiday in the Alps is one thing. But all the year round to die from the heat because the house closed the Windows and vents is another. So your biggest flaw is not the flaw. Especially if correctly to pick up clothes and heels that will elevate your beauty to its highest pitch.

 2. Gluttony Some strange and distant ancestors considered it a Vice. And of course, all women with the syndrome of "I'm fat", too, think the food is a monstrous crime. Of course, they do under cover of night, a petty theft from the fridge, but then very worried. Why? Any normal man likes when a woman eats. Very, you know, sad and even slightly uncomfortable to eat a big juicy steak when your companion picks a leaf of lettuce. Oh, and I happened to chat with a girl who was trying to lose weight. Instead of eating, she tried to drink water, however, from time to time fainted from exhaustion. That is who cares? Is someone Horny? But those women who ate the steaks and drank wine, always everything was fine.

3. Attraction to men for some reason and it is also considered a blemish, though a normal man would rather prefer to measure a Horny woman than Nordic coy, which all your senses prefers to keep in an iron sarcophagus inside. What is wrong if you tell the man that you want? Worse than to want and not to inform. Then some not very self-confident males can be taken care of for another month, if not run away. And who is this better?

4. Laziness is Also considered a terrible Vice, but it all depends on the scale. Very lazy woman who doesn't want to do anything with: the house will sink in the mud, and the child in the nozzle. On the other hand, hyperactive woman-a workaholic too is not present and will turn family life into hell. She in fact even on the weekend there is a list of the most important, in her opinion, the Affairs, and made on a tight schedule. Husband will be awakened at 8:00 and put the list of events. Evasion will be punished with execution. No thanks – let hiperactividad alone or with the same restless gadodiamide.

In General, part of laziness needs to be a happy medium. Well, when a woman has a part to family responsibilities. But no less good when it allows itself to relax, they perform, and not urgent to invent new duties for ourselves and for all members of the family. Sleep for half a day in weekend, the woman can and should be. First, she deserved it. Secondly, man can quietly go about their business, play computer games, etc.

5. "She doesn't follow fashion" And it's great! It's fine if a woman wears what she is and not what recommend fashion designer. Most of them actually like men, so women are willing to deform indefinitely. And then, not every woman is even the most fashionable thing or hair. Many people somehow do not understand this and dress up so that even a sex maniac will run away in horror.

6. Weakness not to bore you with the list of 20 items, let's just say that we like almost all female weakness. After all, any manifestation gives the knight the opportunity to show that he's strong, he's close, he'll help. Especially convenient for those who actually not so strong and fearless, they can show themselves true men, protecting beloved from a cockroach or turning on a flashlight in a dark room. Not worth it to overdo it: when a woman is afraid of everything and can't do anything, of course, difficult – a man will run away. But overall thank you for all the weaknesses that help us to Shine!

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