The most expensive armored vehicles

For a certain price, there is a solution to this problem. There is nothing safer on the roads and highways than armored sedan, limousine or crossover. They are equipped with a very strong steel, bullet-proof glasses and polycarbonate inserts that make the seemingly ordinary Mercedes-Benz or Cadillacs virtually indestructible. In order to stop these vehicles need a whole army, especially given that many of them have their own impressive weapons, including machine guns with ammunition army class.

Perhaps, in addition to direct security, the best thing about these machines is the level of comfort. Many of these vehicles are based on existing models of high-class cars. They protection does not go to the detriment of style and appearance provides a good disguise when moving from point A to point B. In the end, the movement on a busy street of New York City, Tokyo and Dubai in camouflage military Hummer may attract attention, which tries to avoid owners of armored vehicles. Of course, for more serious trips there vehicles army destination used in cases where the main thing is safety, not appearance.

If you have enough money to afford one of these amazing and expensive armored vehicles, you will likely need one of them. They provide peace of mind is worth a lot more than some of the cars listed below.

10. Lexus LS 460 L - 300 thousand dollars

Lexus LS 460 L perfectly combines design and safety - there have dozens of specific details to ensure safety, but apparently it's the same gorgeous Lexus. 460 L is designed and manufactured by INKAS, manufacturer of armored vehicles available on the market a variety of safe vehicles.

LS 460 heavy, but fast car. The power of its engine makes 389 horsepower, and the gearbox is automatic with eight steps. The passenger of the cabin can withstand bullets hit and explosions of grenades, but interior trim is not much different from the usual Lexus. Few people will be able to guess that the street is moving armored vehicle.

9. BMW 750 Li Sedan - 340 thousand dollars

Booking International Corporation (International Armoring Corporation) has transformed an ordinary BMW's tank on wheels. 750Li Sedan comes with a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine producing 400 horsepower, which is needed to ensure speed and power required to move hundreds of pounds of armor steel.

Many armored sedans protect only the back seat, or the main passenger cabin to reduce the cost of the car. However 750Li protects the entire interior of the car, providing safety and driver and front seat passenger. Even the exhaust pipe 750Li armored, not to mention the radiator, battery, front fenders and fuel tank. Suspension was added protection to move on any type of terrain.

8. Cadillac Escalade ESV - 350 thousand dollars

The only car that could be better Cadillac Escalade, Escalade is armored ESV. The company "Becker Automotive Design» (Becker Automotive Design) do not regret anything, to make the interior of the car pinnacle of chic - trimmed leather interior with wood details and includes modern office equipment and a large TV.

ESV was actually designed from the ground due to the use of heavy duty suspension. Becker then adds ballistic protection on the outside using a 40 mm steel and glass, which can withstand multiple bullet hits. ESV platform is extended by an additional 50 inches for maximum capacity. In addition, throughout the body are many other ballistic components, providing maximum protection.

7. Mercedes-Benz S-Guard - 400 thousand dollars

Armored cars of Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular on the market. They retain their stylish appearance, but are equipped with a variety of reinforced and armored parts along the entire length of the body. They look inconspicuous, but will not be easily destroyed if the owner of the car once gets into trouble.

Regardless of the reasons for which a person becomes one of the armored vehicles, he will be glad to know that the model S-Guard can withstand continuous fire machine guns M60. In the event of an attack using gas S-Guard has its own oxygen system, which will close the external air vents and will be pumped into the interior clean air. Single-chamber double-glazed windows also protect against gas attack. According to some, because of their excessive weight to open and close these windows need built hydraulic lifts.

6. Knight XV - 629,000 dollars


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