How to twist the tails of the bulls)))))

- All! Leave! At last! - Dad happy. My mother roused
 - And when?
 - Do not believe it! A month later, just in August!
 - Urrraaaa !!! - Happy mom, and it can be understood, because officers rarely fall vacation in the summer, since the summer of rest commanders and chiefs, as well as various tylovikov, department stores and other smart-ass individual Armed Forces. But the service of something to bear someone has to!
 - That's right, son. Get ready, go to the grandparents. Tails bulls will twist - father smiled slyly and winked.
 What he meant, I did not understand.
 And he meant exactly what to say ...

The village was large, the houses were large, state-farm herds were also great, and bulls roamed in herds. They all were great. One I was there a little. Dad on the first morning in the village came out on the street, smoothed his mustache and sighed deeply. Inexpressible smell the chicken coop and manure was in the air, but it did not bother him, and he broke into a satisfied smile. Lighting a cigarette, he dragged me through the village, showing their "place of childhood." That's where he first fought for girls (Just do not tell my mom!), Over there the first cigarette smoked (Do not try to smoke! Got it?). And there stood before the country club where dances were performed (and after them fight! Oh, glorious were times). And there, on the field, we are bulls tails twisted!
 - So this is not a joke or what? - I was surprised.
 - And then! Of course not. We have so checked for lice - clocked bull's tail, then, kid.
 I wondered. Something I did not like this idea.
 - Dad, maybe better on the river? - Without losing hope I asked.
 - First tails! - The father said firmly, and we went out on the field.
 Closest to us the bull eyes squinted at us, but did not stop chewing. He was old, mighty and causes the desire to permanently abandon the use of beef in the food ... Dad stopped and stared at the bull. I downright saw his thoughts and doubts. It seems to be an adult man, and here his childhood played in one place. But once I said something must be done. And before her son uncomfortable.
 - Hmm ... So true. Who will be steep.
 - But you will show, huh?
 - Yeah, show ... - the father consented and began to look around in search of escape routes, if something goes wrong. - Look, there's a barn. Get away to the side when the bull will turn in your direction - just run there, okay? So nice.
 Father somehow rubbed his hands together, then rolled up his sleeves and took a couple of steps toward the bull, he again looked at him doubtfully, as if thinking can just wear horns?
In fact, laziness ...
 Seeing that look, Dad stopped and lit a cigarette. Probably thought through tactics like polovchee to execute our plans. I stood aside and watched. The cigarette was over too quickly, I realized for the deranged mind of his father. But despite this, he is still going strongly and stomped toward beef. Type take the bull by the horns right.
 Bull curiously turned his head and stamped his front hoof. Father purposefully directed his ass, and even had time to raise his arms for a more comfortable grip. It seemed to me that the bull became rounded eyes from such boorish intentions, he even stopped chewing, unable to believe what he was going to make this strange man.
 Dad came over and took the bull by the tail.
 It is hard to describe the sound, which is usually written as "Moo." Bulls are not flour. They roar. And so that any predator wool itself from the ridge peel. Since Homo Sapiens refers to omnivorous, then we simply have hair stand on end. Personally, I'm frozen to his seat and watched how fast can actually move four kilograms cutlets topped with horns and hooves. And what speed can develop Homo Sapiens to escape from this huge roast beef.
 Rezinvye boots hardly be called sneakers "Reebok", but any sprinter to hang himself with envy, seeing how they flashed in the air, at the time when Dad fell from a high starting from the bull.
 The bull rushed after him, blowing hooves the ground, and Dad was trying to wind, and very successfully. And successfully yelling. Basically, he shouted "Blyayayayayayayat !!!!". It's amazing, but managed to not only escape, but also well off the pursuer. He ran into the barn and closed the gate.
 But that did not stop the bull ...
 In short, we are then doing a new gate.

An hour later, wander through the barn, which was hanging in the rafters father, the bull was gone, hurt sniffling. Father tears and trembling hands took out another cigarette. In one hand he pinched a bunch of hair torn out ... out of fear of the tip of the tail.
 - Vvvvott sssynok so, we kkkrutili, - he said to me, and lit it.
 - Congratulations! - I said with feeling and shoved his friendly - You're a kid!
 His father smiled.

© drblack


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