Have you ever had the feeling that behind you who's watching? Or maybe it is you often? It is necessary to trust your feelings, and if you think that watching you, it really is. Who is interested to live and someone to watch someone else's life, and help to lay a line of destiny. There are, of course, not only the custodians, who in every way to help and protect you, but also pests and simply observers. Such a mission he does not appoint anyone, it is a conscious choice of a person who is not available at the time of the physical body. Those. it is someone's soul. As a rule, such souls few incarnations and incarnations, they are wise enough because they have a huge store of stories and other people's experiences.

Keepers are spiritually advanced people on your own. Spiritual level allows them to be in the upper layers of the astral and maintain the astral body from decay by feeding from different energy channels, or podpityvatsya from people. Keepers send sensations, for example, what will happen to the danger or do something. By sending sensations keepers guard against mistakes and build a line of destiny, introducing the right people, adjusting the conditions for any successful action. For example, if you will choose the school, make sure you get into a good group. If you're going to get a job, find a good job. But this, of course, if you listen to the custodian. Some people do not believe in feelings, and therefore still make mistakes. Himself as a man without a guardian is very difficult to understand his destiny, and the keeper of the astral plane is made much easier. Guardian can send dreams can even talk in my sleep. To what extent can influence the thoughts and desires, to send ideas. The degree of influence depends on the person: its development, the amount of energy. But you can protect yourself from any influence, if necessary.

There are pests - on the contrary, they spoil your life. Sometimes they ruin the lives of even those who have a guardian. Of course, he is trying to protect, but to the best of his ability. And there is such a streak in life when everything goes awry: everything goes wrong, and all circumstances are against you. Pest takes himself when he is tired, or until it is thrust out the keeper. Sometimes pest accompanies a person or a family all his life, with the result that it is going very badly.

The observers are neutral, they just like to watch someone else's life. It's very tempting - to see everything and know everything, but at the same time observed does not know. So observers gain experience and wisdom for future incarnations, but do not want to interfere, as either due to the spiritual level can not properly help to build a line of fate, or simply do not have such a desire. Normally, observers are not "graze" one person from birth to death.

Talk to the guardian can be by telepathy, as if asking someone a question, and then you will find in my mind for answers. They themselves will come to you. This should be the feeling that you are talking to the keeper, but not connect to the information channel. Guardian you have to feel good, this feeling for a long time with you, you just do not notice it, but the feeling of his presence and help is always there. You can also do it in a dream or when you exit to the astral plane. But pests better not to talk, not to provoke and not interested in, and then they took so long to fall behind. Of course, if you do not have a sufficient level, to rid yourself of them. Plant contact with the neutral observer is also not desirable - as they are not interested, such contact is not productive.


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