Year of the Ox: chew or butt?

Do you believe in horoscopes? Most people answer this question: "Of course not!", Implying that: "Of course, yes!" Each of us remembers that he - Aries, and even horse Scorpio with a touch of the Rat or the Virgin with the habits of the Dragon. < br />
Opening any ladies' magazine, we encounter the next "true" horoscope drawn up with greater or lesser degree of journalistic humor. And yet, each time starting around November, we could not help think - and that will bring us to the year of a Green Rabbit or Sivá Mares?

Next, in 2009, will take place under the sign of the Yellow Bull (or - Yellow Cow - that's as you like). Year 2008 - Year of the Rat, according to psychologists, and especially - economists, proved quite frankly the most disgusting in the last ten years, and it is hoped that Bull will still favorably.

I'm sure many have already learned that the bull - a pet that does not tolerate rush and speed, so celebrate the New Year in the best quiet company, for example, consisting of elderly relatives, who certainly will not lomanutsya. On the table must be present delicious silage (aka - the salad "Olivier" without sausage and chicken meat grown in Nebraska). Wear a red dress and red stockings? God forbid! Bulls do not like red rags, so pioneer carnival costume with a red tie, should be reserved for corporate parties on the occasion of March 8.

Year of the Ox: chew or butt?

And yet - Bull represents wealth and success in economic affairs, that you will agree, at our financial vicissitudes of the last few months - a very favorable prognosis. Also, most of us still remember that New Year on the Eastern calendar and our introduced by Peter the Great of enlightened Europe, are not the same. Therefore, our nation celebrates three new years - one when on TV twist "Irony of Fate ..." Old New Year and, consequently, the Chinese - the bulls, rats and horses.

Will Steer 2009 peacefully and happily chewing or gore a bunch of people, time will tell. But we have an opportunity to look through the pages of history - to know that experienced in the Year of the Ox, our (and our) ancestors?

Year 1721. Russia comes out the winner of the Great Northern War, Peter I and takes the title of Emperor. This year was successful for all except Charles XII, of course.

But in 1793 - the same year of the Ox - was trouble for the whole of Europe. Well, what in Paris beheaded Louis XVI with Marie Antoinette, is in itself a very sad event, so even most British banks have gone bankrupt, which has shaken the global economy. In Russia banned the import of French goods ... In the capitals of the world reigns gloom. But let us turn to a more modern and close to us stories.

1889 - World Exhibition in Paris, the newspapers write about an era of prosperity and harmony. Everyone seems that is about to come realm smart technology and no less intelligent man. It was May 5, 1889 "kicked off" the so-called 'Belle époque' - twenty-five years of a beautiful life, and the steady increase in profits.

1913 - World War I and, especially, the Russian economy is on the rise. Later, in Soviet times, it will be made to compare the growth of production capacity in 1913. There is a very authoritative opinion that if it were not for the First World War, the fate of Russia could be quite different.

Year 1925 - the beginning of the heyday of the NEP and the era of constructivism in the USSR. Time bold experiments, as we know, ended a very sad result. In 1937, despite strong economic performance was the worst in the Russian history of the XX century. The numbers "1937" a very long time will be considered a symbol of totalitarianism.

But in 1961 - a bright and joyous celebration of all mankind. Space exploration, romance and dreams of a beautiful future, which had never seemed so close ...

1985 - Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika, glasnost ... It turns out that all the 68 years we were not there and did not eat those, especially in the era of stagnation. There comes a fun, but hungry time - increasing the queue, but disappeared bans, and many thought that a little bit more, and we will live like in America, but to work - as always.

1997 - appearance in Russia sustainable class "rich" - they then massively bankrupt during the famous default-98 ... 1997 - the beginning of the so-called Age of Glamour, when consumption as such, it becomes something of a socially - useful lessons.

And finally, 2009 - "Eastern" stars foretell the rise and prosperity, the dispensation of the fate and fortune in domestic affairs. In addition, it is believed that the Year of the Ox - the most auspicious time to engage in agriculture, horticulture and gardening. In general, if you have over eleven cottages cucumbers die before birth, but about the strawberries all the neighbors asked, "Where you take so sour?", This year do not despair - beets must necessarily zakolositsya.

Bull - "reactionary." It is believed that in the Year of the Ox can be no social explosions, no surge of social activity, but history shows that this is not so. However, in 2009, you can be calm - Yellow, "earthen" Bull is just a very peaceable and do not like revolutions. Year of the Ox, usually runs smoothly and happily for all the characters, especially for dogs, pigs (wild boar) and Cat (Rabbit).

And what is the nature of people - the Bulls? The first thing that often they "put the blame" because it is their loving - under this sign are deigned to be born crowned Libertines - Henry IV, Louis XV and Napoleon Bonaparte. But the love for the Bull - not the most important. People are going to the Bulls ahead goal, regardless of the circumstances. Their inhuman disabled surprise anyone. No wonder people say: "works like an ox" or - "strong as an ox." Many of them make their way in the truest sense of the dirt - to riches, but then fate often stops them smile and sends the Bull "meat».

For example, Alexander Menshikov in his youth, as is known, traded pies, and then I did not just another of the king, but also the richest Russian nobleman. And when already the whole world lay at his feet, and the grandson of Peter the Great was walking down the aisle with him Aleksashkina, daughter, everything went ashes - a coup overnight stripped Menshikov all the conquered positions, and drove the former Prince live out the remainder of his days in a cold hut .

Or Napoleon - way up from second lieutenant to the Emperor of France, ended his life in exile, and died a shameful, cursed the whole of Europe. We may recall the Stalin era veteran writer - Alexander Fadeev. The ordinary soldier of the revolution in the late 1920s, he became a professional writer, in fact - recognized and caressed by the authorities. Gradually, he is embedded prominent functionary: in his hands - the fate of Stalin zatyukali writers and Soviet literature as a whole. Safely "slipped" all possible "cleansing" and repression ... Fadeev committed suicide at the time when the thaw began. In his obituary official cause of suicide was listed alcoholism, although there is a more attractive version - after the XX Congress Fadeev tortured conscience.

But, fortunately, many bulls, having gone through the "peak" of his fame, quietly resting on their laurels, no matter what do not pretend. An example of this - Maya Plisetskaya, or, say, Marlene Dietrich, which is the last time flashed on the stage in semidesyativosmiletnem age and then, until his death, did not want to give any interviews and uninterruptedly lived in his Paris apartment.

But in anger Bulls completely unmanageable - they are smashing all obstacles and barriers, and along with those who all this piled. Many bulls have a reputation as troublemakers and bullies, just because of the inability to submit to short-term developments. For example, all known scandals that occasionally arranges British top model Kate Moss. Not to mention Richard the Lionheart, who was just a terrible rage, and calming the raging king only he knew how his mother - Alenor Aquitaine. By the way, Adolf Hitler, too, was born in the Year of the Ox, and from bouts of anger fyurerskogo suffer not only his personal environment ...

And how could it be otherwise? The bull - horned beast: chew-chew, and then lift up the horn like - will not find it!

Do you believe in horoscopes? Most likely, yes and no. In any case, the stars foretell in 2009, prosperity and success, and this is important!


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