Size matters (7 photos)

The biggest penises - cetaceans - dolphins and whales. In large whales whales penis can reach 3 meters in length with a diameter of 30 cm. The penis of a whale at the base consists of two branches connected to the pelvic bones: woven together form a body resembling a rope. Penis cetaceans usually retracted into the body.

Penises hippo and elephant are more than a meter long, and sometimes such heavy objects are used not only as a reproductive organs. For example, spanking children once enjoyed a bull's penis.

Borovo, despite all the external unattractiveness, there is something to brag about - half meter hiding in the folds of his skin.

His most astounding female penis, what do you think who? In the Argentine lake ducks - 50 cm. What is surprising, you ask? It is very Argentine duckling - the length of his body only a 20 cm, ie the penis in two and a half times the length of its body. In general, the Argentine duck very, very lucky.

Here the list of champions:

1) finback - 3 meters.

2) Hog - 1, 5 meters

3) The Elephant - 1 meter.

4) Hippopotamus - 1 meter

5) Morges - 1 meter.


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