How extremely relax this summer

Not everyone likes to lie on the beach. A banal skydiving is simply bored. But the world is so diverse that there is always what to choose. Every whim for your money. By the way, sometimes quite funny. Excursions are more expensive.

This entertainment is not for the faint of heart!

Swimming with sharks

The white shark is considered the most bloodthirsty creatures of the world's oceans. It used to entertain tourists and attract the sharks in the water poured blood and offal, sharks, of course, going to, but then bred and devoured tourists.

Practice was canceled. Now the founders of dangerous entertainment uses sound signals. Employees Adventure Bay Charters (Port Lincoln, South Australia) argue that white sharks - music fans, for example, they react to the music of AC / DC.

Where: Neptunian Island, Australia; Gansbaai, South Africa.
How much: $ 345

Bungee jumping from the tower of Macau

Jumping from different heights is not news. But all the little extremals. Want even more frightening, and more! In China, there is a tower "Macau Tower". With a height of 223 meters all the buildings of the city seem toothpicks. Fall is strictly controlled, so that man flew straight down and crashed into the walls of buildings.

Whitefish Man screaming with a height of 61 floors. The free fall lasts for 5 seconds, a little less than when jumping with a parachute from a height of kilometer.

Where: Macau, China
How many 319 dollars

Climbing Mount huashang

One of the most life-threatening events. Every year there are killed to death, but the number of those wishing only growing. The trail that leads to the top of the mountain, considered the most dangerous in the world. There are very few narrow concessions, rollers steel stairs. The descent takes place via a steep staircase. People are particularly impressive board 4 meters long and 30 cm wide. Many risks wade across the board without insurance holding only a steel chain.

Why come here? On top of the rock there is an ancient Taoist temple, located at an altitude of 2000 m. The spectacle, which opens from the top is worth such a dangerous climb. The company provides services to entertainment, offers people to sign a contract in which there is an item that people assume full responsibility for your life.

In fact, there is a cable car, and if you are afraid, just climb on it.

Where: city of Huaying, Shaanxi Province, China
How much: $ 24 (here it is - the price of your life)

Dinner from the beating heart of a cobra

This entertainment can be called not so extreme as a test of strength and disgust. Cobra hearts offer feast in the village of Le Mat, Vietnam. In your eyes the chef will cut snake, pulled her heart, and for the beauty and taste will fill it all her own bile. For you, it is not poisonous, cobra immediately die, even no time to feel the pain. But what approach!

Where: Hanoi, the village of Le Mat, local restaurants
How much: $ 100 (+ 8 dishes heart of the snake).

By the way, the heart can not have it so, for pathos and so scared.

Walking on an aircraft wing

In Washington extremals invited to walk on the wing of the aircraft (of course, with insurance), which flies at a speed of 250 km / h. Of course, the pre-human instruct and train safety rules.
Organizers say that the plane will soar up, dive down, and the client, carefully mounted on the wing, to feel all the emotions at once: from horror to the wild delight.

Where: city redwoods, Washington
How much: $ 850

Ice Racing

Very strange entertainment for motorists and motorcyclists. Participants are invited to Siberia to the machines or mopeds Ural move on snow-covered plains of Irbit to Salekhard. No insurance for you or help. Fell through the ice, stuck in a snowbank - your difficulties. To assess the scale of the problem, give an example. In fact, in the snowy regions can only get huge colossus, the depth of snow sometimes reaches several meters. Pull the car can only tractor. Around hundreds of kilometers - no one. There is no connection, radio does not work. Overall, it is simply dangerous to life.

Where: Siberia
How much: 3190 for a team of two people.

I'm interested in the question: why would anyone pay when you can just pick up and go to such a journey totally free, and the money to spend on equipment?

BASE jumping wingsuit

BASE jumping (parachuting from fixed objects) - very, very scary fun. Need a tremendous experience to a small height just open the parachute and not break. The most extreme - jumping from a height of 200 meters. Fraction of a second delay - and you're dead.

And if we do not just jump with a parachute and wingsuit, a special suit that slows down, the skill and does require colossal. A gust of wind can turn you move out of the way. Wrong move - and the fall rate increases sharply, and does not always align. Wingsuit jump in 1930, but it is still considered a very dangerous pastime. When the ground is about 150 meters (a distance measured almost to the eye, it all depends on experience), a man pulls a ring parachute and lands.

Where: Kjerag, Norway
What: 3500-7000 dollars

"Digging in the ground" - psychological training

This is not exactly fun for the claustrophobic. It was invented in order to experience the feeling of utter hopelessness. Many even try using it to treat their fears. Proponents of technology believe that this process of rebirth, initiation. Many participants of the training are followers of the teachings of Castaneda. The residence time under the ground is from 2 minutes to 2 hours. Who exactly poploheet, he says, to be released, and the man dug. Under the ground, time flows differently, and some are more than enough two minutes and two hours and some small. The man carefully wrapped in oilskin, facial mask with a tube through her breathe and speak.

Burying - ground, literally. Mother earth takes all stray currents, all the dirt. Instill this touching image of death as a way to reset the neurosis. New, it is always the death of the old, or rather its rebirth. What do you want to be buried - you choose yourself
- Says the author of the training Pipchenko Victor.

It is believed that this ancient shamanic practices of the peoples of Siberia, Altai, Tibet.

Where: Moscow
How much: from 1500 to 5000 rubles.


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