Create a tropical interior of the house

To make the interior in the summer the attractive, bright and warm with small and simple details. For example, is to change the Wallpaper, the curtains in the room, the pillowcases on cushions to decorate a small room accessories, and you will see how the living space will include new tropical colors. We suggest you consider some interesting examples of how to create your own Paradise with a tropical accent.


A small bright carpet incredibly is able to change the living space.


Decorative pillows with tropical pattern, in the form of lush greenery and butterflies, will definitely give the interior living room summer, and warm notes.


It should also be replaced and textiles in the bedroom. Such soft green paint incredibly relaxing and soothing.


The summer atmosphere will give a Wallpaper featuring beautiful greenery.


One of the simplest and most effective ways to give the interior a summer, tropical accent is pasted on one wall a small piece of photo Wallpaper with green palm leaves.


Small accessories, pepper and soup in a pineapple will surely enjoy the owner.


Create the summer mood in the dining room and the kitchen with such a beautiful dish with an exotic pattern.


There is nothing that betrays the premise of the exoticism and freshness of living plants in the form of palm trees, rubber plants and bright blooming Phalaenopsis.



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