Plaster and soap are so last century: how falsifiziert milk in Russia

According to Rosselkhoznadzor, sold in Russia milk suddenly found impurities gypsum, chalk, lime, soda, starch, soap, and boric and salicylic acids.

The Department explained that in the last couple of years all these impurities are used by manufacturers in order to save the milk from souring. But in the end the falsification of milk not only protects it from premature damage, but also provoke food poisoning.

We decided to find out what is happening in the dairy market in fact, and learned from an expert, why no gypsum and chalk in milk no.



Plaster and soap are so last century. The test, conducted on the initiative of the Rosselkhoznadzor, it is rather an insight into the history, not the description of the real situation. Today, the manufacturer has gone far ahead of such banal and outdated ways of fake dairy products — I mean the addition of chalk, plaster or soda. Like grandma's methods now are used except that dealers in cheap markets. In the manufacturing sector due to the expensive equipment much more complex system of counterfeiting. Manufacturers partially or totally replace the fat component or just restore the milk from dry. Such tampering is invisible, not only for consumers but also for regulatory authorities.

Most often the following happens: producers replace milk fat on the cheap vegetable and thus the production cost is greatly reduced. But by the technical regulations nor cheese, nor butter, nor milk, nor cheese vegetable fat can not be. If vegetable fat is still being used, then this must be indicated in the marking. Appropriate should be the name. For example, not butter, as a spread, not a cheese and cheese product.

Cheese is often added starch and sour cream stabilizers. In milk and butter during the audit "Roskontrol" revealed the presence of preservatives. All of these ingredients on the label of the goods, of course, is not specified. Thus, more than 10 % of the selling names of dairy products mislead the consumer.


Ways to cheat a lot:

  • this pseudobetckea products with cartoon characters for children is not suitable,
  • and spreads, mimicking butter
  • and the tiny letters on the labels to read that without a magnifying glass is simply impossible.

About the number of fraud products in the market can be learned from studies of dairy products consumers Union "Roskontrol". Over the last two years was checked 144 product names, and more than 60 % were fake or had labelling information, misleading buyers astray. Compounding the situation is the lack of restrictions for manufacturers: supervision by the state is clearly insufficient, and fines are minimal.


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The results of the national milk testing shocked the population


So, reducing the cost of their products due to adulteration and deterioration, by unscrupulous manufacturers actually survived the market truly honest players who really produce high-quality products: these and do not stand up to price competition. In the end, the dairy industry is not developed, and degraded.published


Author: Alexander Borisov, co-Chairman of consumers Union "Roskontrol"


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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