Soap can be different

Soaps are different. Some soaps seemingly ordinary, but something they are unique. Some special composition. Other Feature. Third to mind. And they are all fascinated by something.


Designer William Lee created the soap in form and shape of the pieces of the iceberg. Contributions from the sale of soap go to fund the fight against global melting glaciers. Soap is made entirely from natural ingredients, which further underscores the company's mission, the desire to produce without harming nature.

Soap in the form of birds

Piece of soap is not less than $ 30 apiece. Price is due to the fact that soap is created with the use of Louisiana clay. Half of the profits from the sale of soap goes to fight the effects of the oil spill in the Gulf.

"Do not bite me»

This soap is due to presence of the repellent protects against insect infestations. The aroma is quite fresh and it deters mosquitoes. Very handy little thing in the summer.

Mint pills

Humorous packaging hints at the sense of humor. As part of the soap have eucalyptus and mint, so it is very invigorating and refreshing. Perhaps this too is ironic. Unexpected effect of washing. And unexpected package with symbolism, which is used by pharmaceutical companies.

Uranium soap

Of course, soap glows in the dark, not because it contains hazardous components, but because of the fluorescent additives.


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