She stopped using soap in the bags and hung them in the garden. The result pleased immediately!

Modern drugs for the treatment of plants in the garden and the garden is not always as secure as we would like. Besides, at the right time the desired product may simply not be at hand. Ripening harvest chemical means too much treated.

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In such a situation come to the aid of home-cooked, time-tested remedies that are safe and effective due to their naturalness. As the material at hand can be simple economic or cosmetic soap. It is available due to its low cost and sold literally in any store.

Thirty nine million five hundred sixty four thousand nine hundred sixty three

Soap in Gorodets to protect a garden from small and large pest, from mammals and ending with the insects, you will need a few household products.

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You need
  • a few pieces of soap
  • fabric or ready-made cloth sacks
  • knife
  • stapler
  • wooden peg

Nine million eight hundred forty seven thousand two hundred eighty six

Progress of work
  1. Cut the soap into large pieces and put them in fabric bags. Six million five hundred ninety five thousand seven hundred twenty three

  2. Staple the edges of the bags with a stapler, to keep the soap from falling out. Don't close the hole tightly — smell of soap should be freely distributed.
  3. Get around the perimeter of the garden, wooden pegs, and on them hang the bags with soap and water. Thirty six million one hundred twenty six thousand eight hundred fifteen

  4. Soap residue can chop and sprinkle them on the plants and soil to provide additional protection from pests.

Nineteen million six hundred twenty three thousand eight hundred fifty seven

Smell that the soap will exude, annoying pests sufficiently to prevent their appearance on your site. In the rain the smell will only intensify. The better!

Sixty four million three hundred nine thousand five hundred seventy four

Remember that the soap should be changed regularly to achieved effect is not weakened. Pay attention to the aromatic solid soap — it is from him that the effect is maximum. Soap with a neutral smell will not have the desired impact.

Thirty one million six hundred ninety nine thousand seven hundred thirty

The main advantage of this method of pest control — its exceptional natural purity. The soap does not leave harmful substances on vegetables, fruits and flora. It is absolutely safe for the health of the animals that you're going to scare it, and also for the environment.

Four million four hundred forty three thousand nine hundred seventy five

This simple but effective this method is actively used since then, as in Vogue again entered organic farming. Use this method and see how beautiful and safe it could be your land. Be sure to share with friends an invaluable trick a skilful gardener — they will thank you!

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