11 mistakes that drivers with experience. Each can be fatal!

Any driver, driving a car, you must understand that the car is not only comfortable vehicle, but also quite dangerous thing of metal weighing about a ton or more. And still make mistakes while driving is common to all.

Many drivers, even those having extensive experience, they often forget about the simple truths. These rules are elementary, but their implementation has a significant impact on the safety of the vehicle on the road.

Error drivers
  1. The driver is distracted
    Enough of the statistics: only a distraction to a mobile phone is the cause of 25 % of all accidents.

  2. Foot on the clutch
    It is undesirable to keep your foot on the clutch pedal as it used to do many motorists. Constant pressure is a devastating blow for this mechanism.

  3. Steering without movement
    You should not carry out the manipulation with the steering without moving. To do this you should at least at minimum movement of personal transport.

  4. The descent on the brakes
    This leads to rapid wear of the pads and, as a consequence, the failure of the brakes at the most inopportune moment.

  5. The tire pressure
    How often are you measuring the tire pressure of your car? A checking the optimum internal pressure is an important component of the daily care of the transport. If it is low, tires wear out quickly, fuel consumption is increased and the braking distance increases.

  6. The included turn signals
    Yes, all this sin! And we all know it is a bad habit that was the cause of thousands of accidents. Even when you move on an empty highway, you need to include the turn signals, to be able to see all the area behind the car.

  7. Uncomfortable shoes
    Studies show that 25% of women and 13% of men wear flip-flops while driving. And some ladies and did manage to drive in high heels. One wrong move, and slipped off the pedal, the leg will result in an accident.

  8. The snow on the roof
    Lazy drivers do not bother to wash the car and clear the snow from the roof, but in some countries it is punishable by a fine. Because of the purity of the car directly depends on good visibility.

  9. Running engine
    A sure way to kill the engine, always leave it enabled. This is especially true of winter, when warm up the car. Moreover, in this case not to avoid corrosion of the exhaust pipe, which condenseries moisture.

  10. Unbalanced seat
    75% of all drivers correctly I sit behind the wheel. Proper planting affects the quality of the driving! With the right position of the back of the head and spine are aligned and almost perpendicular to the floor. It was found that in a tense traffic attention is maintained longer if the driver sits behind the wheel by all the rules.

  11. The hand on the shift lever
    Many motorists have a habit of leaving your hand on the gear lever, even when it's not necessary. This action causes damage to gears and rapid wear.

It would seem that it's the simple things that are known to all motorists, but because of his overconfidence and underestimation of the risks they neglect such important details. And this often leads to accidents, breakdowns, wear and tear of vehicle parts.

Be careful, because you are responsible not only for their lives but for the lives of passengers. Remind your friends about the basic rules of drivingthat every time sitting behind the wheel, they do not put yourself in danger.

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