Life American truckers (30 photos)

The trucker in the United States is not a job, it's a lifestyle. Since the signing of President Eisenhower National Act on the construction of 66, 000 kilometers of highways and roads in the United States in 1956, the profession of truckers remains one of the most popular, as well as one of the most highly paid professional drivers.

1. Each year in the US trucks carrying about 10 billion. tons, worth more than $ 9 trillion. dollars. Today, everything is transported using trucks, without the American economy is going to die.

2. Across the road system in the United States provided special truck stop, which are always seen from afar, in such pit stops, drivers can get a full rest, to shower, eat and perfectly.

3. Today, specialized stops for truckers Bole 6000.

4. Most pit stops have service line, which is capable in a short time to repair the truck, by the way, do truckers truck called "rig».

5. Of course, you do not change the engine, but without the problems of replacement wheels, oil, repair lost mirror or leaking fuel line will replace pads, and carry out other required repairs.

6. big logistics companies, such as UPS or Snyder, having in his stock hundreds of trucks, have their own brand large pit stops for the repair and maintenance of vehicles. In other cases, even the big companies use pit stops appearing on the roads.

7. Gas station for truckers separated from gas stations for cars. The reason is that, firstly, the fuel tanks are much larger trucks and trucks usually have two tanks of 300-500 liters. Trucks that operate in remote areas away from civilization, for example, oil may have 2 tanks and a capacity of 1,500 liters. Gas pumps such stations are very powerful, and the fuel pump is about 4 times faster than conventional pumps.

8. Secondly, the tanks are located on both sides of the truck, so column equipped with two hoses on both sides of the truck. Third, having a trailer length of 16 meters (53 feet), it is difficult to park on a normal refueling, so the entrance / exit to such a dispenser make wide and as much as possible, direct, which greatly facilitates the work of the drivers.

9. Why so much fuel? Laden "wagon" consumes 35-40 liters of fuel per 100 km.

10. By the way, an interesting point: the truck idling burns about 4 liters per hour, 1 hour of idling is equivalent to 10 kilometers, and all trucks in the United States consumes about 6 billion. Liters of fuel per year.

11. In addition to the special stops on all highways in the United States provide recreation areas, usually every 130-180 km. In such recreation areas with tables and benches are provided under the eaves, where you can snack vending sneakers, drinks and other stuff, toilets and even showers (but not always). On these grounds, drivers can warm up, check the machine and securing cargo.

12. All truckers are subject to regulation, as the Department of Transport, which sets the number of working hours and maximum speed.

13. Drivers are divided into two broad classes: vnutrishtatovskie - who travel exclusively within the boundaries of one state, never crossing the state line, and mezhshtatovskie, ie those that can be moved between the 49 states.

14. What is the difference? Mezhshtatovsky daily driver can be behind the wheel of 14 hours, after which it is obliged to stop and rest for 10 hours. And, 14 hours and 10 hours of rest can not be interrupted, i.e. you can not go for 2 hours, then 2 to rest, then go another 5 hours. As soon as the truck pulled out, 14 hours began ticking.

15. Internal drivers have different privileges in different states. In Texas, the driver can be behind the wheel of 14 hours, 16 work, and for the rest needed only 8 hours. In addition, the driver can not operate for more than 70 hours between 8 days and 60 hours during the seven days. If the driver had worked 65 hours over 6 days, he needs rest - 34 hours. In turn, companies that are not cheated, must register in the contracts under what scheme they run, 8 or 7-day "Week».

16. The Company is very strictly monitor the number of hours, as amount of the fine in case of violation is very high. Previously, drivers had a paper logs, which recorded operating hours, today, all large and medium companies have computers that do count time, distance and place to stay, although paper logs are still the drivers are, in the event of a computer crash.

17. Another option, which was very particular about the police, but that is not very fond of Transport - is the weight. The maximum permissible limit for a two-axle trailer, based on the two axes of the tractor - 36 tons, with higher load axles must be increased.

18. Across the road system of weight control stations scattered, drivers pass through them coasting, usually at a speed of 60 km / h. If you noticed the advantage, you have to stop for inspection and receive a fine. The penalty is issued to the company.

19. To calculate the weight, there are tables that have all truckers carrying loads that exceed the allowable load.

20. All long-range trucks carrying dangerous goods are marked with signs, which are divided into 9 main categories included in the 5 major groups: explosive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive substances and radioactive elements.

21. In addition, drivers carrying these loads are provided with a complete set of documents and loads are limited to the maximum speed. For example wagon with potatoes on the highway can go 130 km / h, with fuel - 110, and radioactive elements only 100 km / h.

22. Not every driver can carry dangerous goods. You need an additional certificate to obtain a driver's category. The most difficult to obtain a certificate - it's explosive loads and radioactive elements.

23. Drivers transporting over dangerous goods (explosives and radioactive elements), are required to be trained in special schools and know all about the transported materials, as well as learn how to properly act in emergency situations.

24. Large companies have their own training grounds, where drivers learn to withdraw the truck from skidding, right to withdraw the truck into a ditch and get a lot of other skills.

25. The total number of drivers who passed through the school and eligible for the transportation of dangerous goods in excess, of 3% of the total number of drivers. These drivers are the elite among drivers. Their salary starts at $ 100 thousand. Per year.

26. Another interesting feature of trucks carrying various delivery - truck on the tail. Very convenient way, do not need to worry that the pallets will not remove somewhere in the warehouse, or outside the house.

28. Sometimes it can be seen on the highway, and the military, they have no privilege, the maximum speed of movement of the military - 100 km / h. Usually they are moved "heaps" convoy, and at night, the daily convoy - a rarity.

29. Today Truckers are an integral part of road landscapes in America, and their number continues to grow.


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