12 simple ways to decorate the garden

A dream to change your garden completely, to reschedule it. This, of course, great. But whether such a radical change? The season starts, and in the country wants first and foremost to relax, and not to hold the garden "overhaul". So if there are any know-how to get everything at once? There! We offer you a whopping 12 ways to decorate a garden so that it looks new, and you enjoyed relaxing in it.


Method 1. Bet on rastreamento plants make the garden garden. Plant new conifers, ornamental shrubs and flowers: now on sale very much interesting. They immediately will give the site a new look.

Look for new plants and new varieties you've grown. Improve your green collection!

Method 2. Add in a garden water elementmoveto tool refers to the "potent" because it completely changes the view of the garden. Arrange on the plot at least a little of the water element. Don't need Grand projects. It will be enough tiny pond of film or old baby bath, dug into the ground. And you can use ready-made plastic form, there are many different options. Or arrange instead of a pond fountain. In General, the important thing is not how big the pond is, and how decorated the shoreline.

Water is the element does not necessarily mean real water. You can use and symbols. For example, make a "dry" pond, or a stream of flowers, pebbles, glass pebbles or colored gravel.

Method 3. Decorate the garden cinnamonitrile stone never hurts even in the garden. First, it is always beautiful and very natural. Not by chance in the gardens of Japanese style (and they are some of the most exquisite) contemplation of stones given special attention. Second, the stone will give a garden of the missing bump without the construction of expensive retaining walls.

The relief will simulate rocks of different sizes stacked in various combinations. Just the stones, not even the Alpine slide and not rockeries. You can dream up and make a free-flowing composition of stones, plants and other elements to your taste.


Method 4. Make at least one new flower gardenand not just so, and with the idea, with a twist: perhaps it is the author's arrangement, flower, flowerbed unusual shape or kind. Maybe you are using interesting, not like all the materials to frame your flower beds. On this subject, so many interesting ideas! For example, a flower bed in a boat in a wagon-wheel flower garden-painting, alphabets, flowers, flower garden, a hedgehog, a flower garden in a basket garden or host a garden of sedums on the roof of a small decorative hut , etc.


Method 5. Set beautiful support for rasteniya support (but not too small) – it's a lovely spatial element that changes the appearance of the garden. Only one arch, a new trellis or pergola, obelisk or screen to the garden was transformed. What good is the vertical supports, so that they decorate the garden and in the winter, and also the fact that you can buy them already prepared and set on the site.


Method 6. Arrange original containers, cvetovete mobile flower beds so decorate the garden! And they are easy enough to paint them, to decorate with decoupage, shells, beautiful ropes, covered with pebbles, cover the textured plaster or "wear out". And, as containers can be used quite unexpected things, they will bring in garden creativity and fantasy (for example, an antique iron, barrel or ... rubber boots). If you make at least one original, not too small container, you will help the garden look new.


Method 7. Buy a new garden accessaible vivid details – more of a sense of novelty. One or two interesting garden figures relevant to your site and its design, will give you a miracle. They will please you!

On sale now huge selection of figurines and accessories. Just don't buy the first one! You will definitely find something very worthy. By the way, and many figures and accessories can be made by your hands. This won't be none!

Method 8. Install new svetilniki not need to lay an electrician! Do easier: acquire and install beautiful garden lights solar powered. Some just not for every taste, of all shapes and sizes. There are even lights in the shape of animals. They cost a bit. In addition, you can change the light scenario of the plot at will, each time placing lights in new ways.


Method 9. Arrange in the author's garden miniature garden miniature Author is usually a small area of the composition of plants and various accessories, made in the form of complete images or narrative scenes. Accessories can be anything from colored gravel, driftwood and wood saw cut to laser CDs, ceramic tiles and even some pieces of furniture. The main thing – to find a suitable script! For example, you can do "onion garden". It is small, not exceeding 1 sq. m composition, which is similar to a small rock garden, only instead of plants-Alpines there were planted clumps of perennial onions: for example, the chives, the Welsh onion, onion-slizun, onion sweet, onion with multiple layers. As a complement to "the onion garden" not stones, and colored ceramic figures with simple shapes and different heights, which may be, for example, miniature pots for cacti. If you want something unusual and at the same time useful, try to make a "garden of mushrooms". Cultural mushrooms, for example oyster mushroom and shiitake, can be placed in a beautiful composition of roots, stumps, and snags. Also need to add a wild or garden flowers (mainly "environmental" style), sedges, ferns and garden figure: for example, cute lesovichka.


The way 10. Arrange outdoor module outdoor module is a flower garden or any composition of plants, which is arranged in the paving: this paving is removed from some tiles. The module can be provided in advance, at the construction site. It is always spectacular. The impression he produces is not comparable to its size. Even the tiny module can become a major focus of the garden. And yet, outdoor module visually enhances the space of that corner of the garden where he works, and helps to Express any design ideas: it is not necessary to plant the plants, you can arrange a rock garden or even a tiny vadimchik.


Method 11. Add stichodactyla exotic garden, exotic, rare plants do not necessarily have in the garden, especially because our goal is easy-maintenance garden. To give the garden an exotic "touches" may be at the expense of others, the most ordinary of plants. However, they must be exotic appearance. For example, why not use black tulips, green gladiolus and zinnias, pink or white calendula?


Method 12. Place in the garden "thing, which all say"It must be vivid, unusual, distinctive accessory that will immediately draw universal attention to himself and really becomes the topic of conversation. The idea of such things is entirely up to you. It can be anything, but of course it must "fit" in the context of your garden. Good examples of unusual sculptures, the original design for vertical gardening or creative panels for the facade of gazebos. published


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