Floral 15 "special effects" that will change your garden

Any "alterations" require effort, and often costs. But if you correctly apply some professional techniques and tricks, you can change favorite garden to make it bright and expressive without large expenditures and great alterations in the height of the season.

How to create the impression of a completely renovated garden, we have already said in articles 12 simple ways to decorate the garden and Beautiful garden without spending extra: how to save money on materials. But today I want to share with you another secret.

It lies in the fact that many "fundamental" transformation in the garden is achievable using only... colors! And it is in fact the case. Flowers for the landscape designer all like paint for a painter. They can draw on green "canvas" anything to change the shape, elevation and perspective, visually "push" the boundaries of the area, giving it a dynamic or smoothness, to play with light and shadow to create the illusion of water, and it is not all their chances.

So, I suggest you 15 ways to change the garden using flower "special effects":

1. Used "eskimo design" - we do have a responsibility to the Eskimos. They invented it long ago to add space to their close traditional home. It was the fact that the walls and ceilings were decorated with small colorful details. The decor is like "residential" space, causing the walls to "step aside". Welcome and today frequently used in design. And garden variety will especially appeal to those who like to arrange flowers and flower beds.

Want to visually expand the square footage? Break in the garden more "mixed" flower gardens, from tiny to large and huge. They have to fill all the space, with the exception of paths and paved areas. Choose the most simple and unassuming plants, if only during flowering they painted the area with bright colored spots. The combination of different shades, textures and forms will dilute the boundaries and create the impression of infinity: to define the eye, where it ends the garden, would be impossible, he seemed to dissolve into one big flower garden.

2. Create a "cotton effect"most Often, the size of the garden can easily be identified with the fence. Dark and substantial fence attracts attention and limits the space, whatever the industry reigned in. So that it is less conspicuous, it is necessary to "feather" the clear edge of the plot and how this would increase its area. Here you'll find the so-called "cotton effect". Its essence is that on the perimeter are placed the two groups of plants: the first is an arbitrary monochromatic color, and the second — and-white, but involving the same color as that of the first. Near crimson Phlox in the photo planted white-crimson:

And if you move this same technique in a regular flower garden, it will give him an elusive charm and sophistication

3. Arrange garden modulesadmin module refers to any arrangement of plants (flower garden, container garden, etc.), which is arranged directly in a paved area. It can be planned at the stage of construction, and at any time to remove a few tiles and smash a luxury flower garden. And believe me, it will look completely wrong, as usual! The play of contrasting colors and textures will do the trick.

With this simple and effective technique you can adjust the shape of the pad, extending it visually and give the site a special style.

4. Combine flowers and webstes can act in different ways:

  • First, it is easy to convey the idea of water. Try to build on the land "flower pond": a fountain, lake or stream. Be inspired you will help you 5 ideas "spilled" beds.

"Dry Creek" always original itself. But "the Creek" from the flowers a hundred times more than pebbles. And she can put the shore. And connect them with decorative bridge: will be very stylish.

  • Second, when the flower is framed by this pond, you win some and flowers, and water. In this luxurious "frame" even a tiny vodoemy (no more than 1 sq m) will look amazing.

  • Third, the garden looks very unusual and beautiful when flowers are placed on the water. To implement this idea you will need a shallow (enough for 15 cm) pond and large plastic containers. They should mount right to the bottom, and in them to plant flowers. Even the most ordinary nasturtium that looks fantastic.

5. Arrange an exhibition listenerarray a fence is often not only reduces the visual area, but also spoils the overall look. There is a solution: it needs to be turned into an exhibition stand! Break along the fence extended the flower bed and settled there the most expressive specimens of his collections, including vines for vertical gardening, as well as decorative foliage plants. It could be an "exhibition" flowers of the same varieties:

Or more diverse company:


6. Lighten ugiwany "special effect" that will make the area brighter and more spacious. The best way to "lighten" the dark parts of the garden is to plant them in herbaceous plants (or shrubs) with white or yellow flowers.

Thus we seem to put in the lamps.

7. Framed dorozhnikami garden path in the middle of the lawn looks too simple, and I want her to add something. Not to mention the narrow front garden, where it is necessary to arrange so that she looked pretty and the front garden visually expanded. Partly here can help out a careful selection of textures (see, for example, 9 materials for garden paths). But much more effective (and cheaper) will cost you a choice in favor of bright colors: make your lane a decorative border of flowers!

8. Add-on elements lucianoindira let them in the garden! They will give him ease, and can, be the finishing touch that binds all into a single composition. "Suddenly" on the bend of the garden path woke up the stones or in an unexpected place grew bright flower.

All these lovely nuances so adorable! They decorate the garden, adding simplicity in his carefully thought-out plan. Because dikorosy themselves — the attributes of the "natural" garden.

9. Give obyemno the topography of your plot seems monotonous and inexpressive, try to give it more volume. This can easily be achieved by combining plants of different heights, shapes and colors in one flower bed.

For the same purpose in the composition, you can add ornamental grasses or shrubs.

10. Create stalkerdom garden style has its own characteristic features. This also applies to plants. And if you know how to pick them up, get the garden in any desired style. For country, for example, it will be enough of sunflowers and petunias:

11. Bring egzotikos to bring in garden elements of the exotic does not need to have this real exotic. They will replace "old friends" in a new way, i.e. the usual plants and unusual varieties. For example, black Tulip, green gladioli and pink calendula.

12. Create a link When you want to smooth out the corners or to decorate the joints between the platforms, there is no better way than flowering plants. Choose large specimens or planted in large clumps small. Lusher than they bloom, the better.

13. Stress lines and farmacity perfectly emphasize beautiful form or graceful line of the track, pond or patio. Especially if form of plants echoes the shape of the structure, and the line on which they are planted, repeats the line that you want to emphasize.

14. Add design elementarity, of course, beautiful in themselves. But created with a "twist", they look more stylish and interesting. It doesn't matter what size they are: defining the role of planning and design. Even little flower gardens and flowerbeds can be a bright accent in the area, if you build them, for example, in a boat in a wagon-wheel, parasol or in the basket.

Variations can be in the hundreds. If you're in search of ideas, you will be useful materials from the Country ideas: flowers and flower beds.

15. Combine fun and lecheniia now — an unexpected bonus for everyone who loves flowers! Certain combinations can have a therapeutic effect. First of all, of course, there is the color palette. For example, you can arrange a bed for... the treatment of meteozavisimosti! To do this, try to combined plants with the maximum number of colors and shades, which is only possible to imagine.

Drop them, not focusing on the laws of composition and "classical" laws of color combinations. The contemplation of such a bright and colorful "cocktail" for at least half an hour a day allows you to remove the weather-sensitive.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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