12 ideas for a vertical garden at your home


Summer impossible not to love. Therefore, when it comes, all thoughts of one, as if to make sure that it never left. And if you win the laws of nature, we are unlikely to be able to then make a small evergreen area right at home - simple

Website picked 12 of the most fresh ideas for home vertical garden

Garden, reminiscent of the holiday 5897cbcad1.jpg

Brought from the sea shells can not only gather dust on a shelf, and hanging from the ceiling! Inside the shell with pleasure will accommodate small unpretentious plant. Details here.

LEGO-garden 01ac21f996.jpg

No, for the realization of this idea, the famous designer you do not need. But colored shelves of different shapes and sizes - it is! They can be decorated with small potted flowers. Violets, for example. Even more ideas here.

Garden, growing directly out of the tube a38e1965f9.jpg

To equip a garden at home is not only simple, but also very nice. After all, old and not pleasing to the eye tube immediately turn into a work of art! Instructions.

Garden of the old poddonovb9cd0d5460.jpg

Plant flowers in the old pallets and hang them on the wall - what could be easier

Garden, web 5f701404df.jpg

This garden can be any shape and size. All that is needed - it is created using the dense filaments "cobweb", and in the hole "to weave" flower. Here's how it's done.

New life of the old clutch ed037d233f.jpg

This decision should be like those girls who have no idea where to put all these old bags and clutches. That's where!

Geometric garden 5b78e9f32c.jpg

For those who enjoy the right forms. Details here.

Garden of the old chest of drawers 9bd429a895.jpg

And indeed, why to collect trash in the drawers of these if you can plant something beautiful and green?

Garden envelope 6b329116e7.jpg

The recipe is simple: hang on the wall of an old box, put flowers in it and do not forget to water. Read more.

Miniature garden 86f5b74fa2.jpg

Well, who said that the garden should be large? Here, for example, plant size is inversely proportional to the beauty of the garden. And to make it easier than ever!

Vertical garden this perfectionist 3554aac710.jpg

Because the order has to be everywhere!

Hanging Garden 42d59624c7.jpg

Older tanks, Christmas decorations, glass balls - all this can become a cozy house for hanging your favorite plants. Proceed!

Photos on the preview: MAKE-SELF.NET / Secondstreet.ru

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