How to grow a mini tangerines, and what to do with them

You do not have your own garden? Well, so what? After all, now you can now grow a fruit tree in a pot on your windowsill! You will not only fill your home with bright colors, but also cease to be spent for the purchase of fresh fruit.

Usually tangerine trees grow up to two meters, and in addition juicy citrus fruit on them appear beautiful white flowers. So a pot of growing mandarins - a real treasure, which will be pleasing to the eye and gives you unlimited access to the invigorating vitamin C.

Well, already lit tangerine dream? Then this is useful to you step by step instructions on tropical tree planting in a pot.

  • You should start with choosing the right pot. It is desirable that at the bottom he had a small hole - this will facilitate the drainage
  • Fill the bottom of the pot soil with small stones.. For better ventilation you can add some sand in the ground.
  • Put the container or sprouted seeds have grown and transplanted tree. Pour the ground roots and gently tamp it.
  • The pot should be put right by the window, so that the plant has been continuous access to sunlight.
  • Always check the ground. Once the surface is dry, start watering! Summer tangerine tree needs moderate watering, and in winter -. In a rare
  • Do not forget to prune the shoots that will appear on the trunk, and the dead dry branches
  • As a rule, in the Northern Hemisphere. tangerine tree begins to bear fruit in the period from September to January, but this time may vary depending on the variety. Advancing mandarins collect gently, so as not to damage the tree. 's all! A little more patience, and very soon you will become the owner of a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtangerines. What do you do with them? The answer to this question is not as easy as it may seem, because of mandarins can do very, very much: juice, liquor, jam, syrup, lots of desserts and tropical salad! From tangerine peel will turn candied fruit, candles, essential oils, scrubs, masks and lotions.

    And you can turn tangerine tree branch in a new tree, and do it more than once. And then your house will turn into a real paradise tangerine. This is called - orange mood

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