Here it is, the main MISTAKE many women! Once you start doing it, men…

If in my youth, women are still trying to choose for themselves the best of everything: cosmetics, clothing, entertainment, over the years, the majority appears syndrome "saving yourself". The problem here is not in financial position, and sacrifice.

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Edition «Site» I decided to look into the matter and tell you what threatens the savings for yourself. And Yes, men, this behavior is also considered awful, not rational.

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Error jenshinami first look into what are the savings for yourself. The essence is not about buying cheap things, or counterfeits. Savings — this is when a woman has shampoo, one whole tights, one pair of shoes for the season and two pairs of underwear for a change — black and white. Yes, there may be other facilities, but they are all old, unattractive and most likely spoil her. And new her mind.

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Here's the very vital example. A woman goes to the store, buy food or things for children, husband, cat, family, and themselves or has no money, or she thinks, "another time. Today I will be". And so each time. Of course, in any case can not spare money for loved ones. You should try to calculate the budget so, in order to satisfy their interests.

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We are talking about such savings when the tights with the defect sutured or worn under pants when underwear is already faded, when in the wardrobe of incongruous clothes and one dress out, which you wear once a year to someone to visit, when it's time to buy a new mascara, but there are spending and bigger... And those important waste is always there.

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It often happens that the money is there. For example, someone gave a little or she has accumulated. But the woman comes into the store, choose your favorite thing, long twists it in his hands, but still leaves and goes to spend its budget on another for washing baths or decides to wait, because suddenly there will be something nicer or better. But in the future can not buy anything. Women who save themselves, probably already know yourself.

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Is the concept of rational spending of money, but it has nothing to do with what you have in the first place by anyone, but not you. And now to the main point — what is the consequence of this attitude. Savings on their own needs eventually turns into a habit and pathology, which leaves a trail.

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For savings is great fear and guilt: "I Now spend, and suddenly tomorrow will need the money for something more important. It turns out, I'm selfish that no one is thinking". And this fear comes from childhood. The woman is afraid that her, as a child, scold or husband-a tyrant will make a scene.

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Women that include the mode of such savings, are losing their charm. Their lives are burdened by worries about expenses, and on her face reflected the fatigue and dissatisfaction with life. They have a sense of envy and anger at women who have more than they do. Hence the eternal irritability and the lack of femininity. And this, as you can guess, one of the most frequent causes of divorce.

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In men so women lose interest. They can use them, but no more. And don't assume that if you save yourself, he will give you gifts and spoil you different surprises. Might sound harsh, but it makes no sense to spend money on something that is cheap. And your good, at first glance, the desire to save his money he'll just take it as your unwillingness to follow him.

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A wise woman gets excited about money. She knows that you can make money or inspire a loved one to new achievements. She knows how to budget and prioritize purchases, not forgetting about themselves. And we wish you never to save on them! Share interesting information with their friends in social networks.

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