dead Sea

along the border of Israel and Jordan extends one of the most interesting places in the world - the Dead Sea. It is not the sandy beaches attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Inquisitive people are interested to live to see this amazing work of nature, and plunge into the waters of the sea, where it is impossible to sink. Huge interest is its name. And not everybody knows why it is known as such an ominous name. The Dead Sea is known, it is the salt of our planet. Precisely because of this mineral matter you can settle down to a quiet, calm water surface and read your favorite magazine without fear of drowning. The concentration of salt in the Dead Sea is striking - more than 270 grams of salt per liter of water. That's a lot, considering that all the other salt ponds, the figure rarely exceed the mark of 35 gramm.

Such a huge amount of sodium chloride significantly increases the density of water, and then come to work the laws of physics - the person pushes out of the water like a wine cork. In the same minerals and is the reason the name of eerie sea. Not surprisingly, in a salt water survive only rare species of microorganisms. Fish, shellfish and algae can not tolerate this amount of salt. Once in the sea, the fish did not even have time to feel the pain - they instantly die, and their pretty covered with salt makes the body to shore. Now you know that this sea is a killer of all living things. By the way, in the Hebrew, it is called the «Yam ha Maved», which literally means "sea-killer." Although there is the Dead Sea and less fearful of naming - Salt (still ...), Sea of ​​Lot, East, Arabia and even asphalt. But now it is possible to wonder - where did this sea so sinister force? Simply put - where there is so much salt? As the name, this is very simple. It so happened that the Dead Sea is a trap for all of it flowing into rivers and streams - water can not leave the pond. The only way out - evaporation. However, the salt does not evaporate, it remains in the sea. Thus, for many centuries this place has accumulated a huge amount of veschestva.

As you can see, even for many hundreds of years before the appearance of our people gave this body of water is a logical name - the Dead Sea. Due to its size, the lake (sic) was mistaken for the ancient sea, and the lack of life in it caused the frightening names. See also: Why are icebergs do not sink in the sea water? Why wave nailed to the shore, even when the wind is blowing from the shore? Cuban white sand beaches (9 photos). Pink lake on the island of Middle (9 photos).



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