7 interesting facts about the Dead Sea

1. The Dead Sea is 416 meters below sea level. This unique location allows you to talk about it as the lowest stretch of land on the planet.
2. Dead Sea also has the deepest salt lake in the world and its depth is 377 meters. The lake has no outlet to the sea.
3. The water in the Dead Sea in more than eight and a half times saltier than sea water.
4. The length of the Dead Sea in length and width - 67 and 18 kilometers respectively. The main and the only tributary of the lake - the famous Jordan River.
5. There are a number of research centers conducting work in the health sector and there are many reasons. Proportion of mineral matter in water is unique, and the atmosphere have not dust or allergens because of the large depth is a small amount of ultraviolet rays of the sun, the atmospheric pressure and higher, which has a positive effect on the body.
6. According to legend, the Dead Sea was a secluded haven of King David. As the world's first resort, a constant supplier of materials for the embalming, as well as various fertilizers.
7. An interesting feature of the sea is that there is a process of formation of natural asphalt in the form of black pieces of material. The excavations on the beach was found a huge number of antiquities, until the human remains of ancient times, covered it with bitumen. The Egyptians also used it in mummification.


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