7 products for cleansing the body

Some foods are especially good for cleansing the body of toxic substances that are inevitably formed in the body after many celebratory feasts.

Magnificent Seven

1. Cabbage - curly, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli - contain enzymes that help "clean" the liver and the intestines from harmful substances.

2. Apples are rich in pectin and fiber, cleanses the intestines from the "waste products." Apples are best eaten with the peel, but do not forget to remove the wax, which is sometimes covered with fruit for preservation.

3. Lettuce contains vitamins, minerals and organic acids, which improve digestion, speed up metabolism and prevent the accumulation of salts.

4. Beets beneficial effects on the liver, kidneys and bladder. It is full of pectin, vitamins and minerals. Beetroot helps the body absorb vitamin B, and itself contains a lot of vitamins. Cooked beets and beet broth - a good laxative and diuretic.

5. Carrots are not only rich in pro-vitamin A and pectin, but also improves carbohydrate metabolism. A fresh carrot juice has beneficial effects on the activity of the kidneys and liver.

6. Prune is rich in dietary fiber, very useful for digestion and cleanse the body.

7. Grain bread contains practically no carbohydrates and sugar, but it is very rich in fiber. Especially useful bread from whole grains, rye and multizernovye in which many B vitamins

Include at least three of them in the daily diet and the result will make you happy.


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