Dr. Walker: A quick and effective method of cleansing the body

The first step to recovery of the body is its absolute purity. Any accumulation or delay any unhealthy substances or toxins in it slows down the healing process. Excretory organs are the lungs, skin pores, kidneys and intestines.

Sweating - the action of the sweat glands, emitting harmful toxins to the body. The kidneys are removed from the food products pechenikonechnye and metabolism of the organism.

The intestine removes not only food waste but also the body as waste cells and tissues, which are the result of our physical and mental activity.

If they are not displayed, the cause decomposition of protein, leading to toxemia (blood poisoning), or acidosis (increased acidity).

Delay of the body waste does far more harm to our health than is generally thought, and their removal is one of the first steps to achieve tangible results.

A fast and effective method of cleansing the body, especially for adults, is the following:

(CAUTION: Do not use this method of detoxification appendicitis or have a tendency to that in this case, use an enema two or three times a day for one week or more.)

. In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of solution (one tablespoon per cup of water), Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate) in a warm or cold. The purpose of the reception of such a solution is not to liberate the intestine, but rather to learn from all parts of the body's available there toxins and waste and remove them through the intestines.

This solution acts on the toxic waste and lymph exactly a magnet nails and metal filings. Thus, the scum collected in the intestines and are expelled out of the body to repeated bowel cleansing.

Number of outgoing sewage can add up to three or four or more liters. This leads to dehydration of the body and therefore it is necessary to make up the disposal of toxic and acidic substances, drinking two liters of fresh citrus juice, diluted with two liters of water, for rapid absorption by the body.

This mixture gives an alkaline reaction of the organism.

Citrus mix is ​​prepared as follows:

four large juice or six medium fruit grapefruit;
juice of two large or three medium-sized lemons,
Add the remaining amount of juice oranges in order to get two liters of a mixture of citrus juices.
These two liters add two liters of water.
Starting to drink this juice in thirty minutes after taking Glauber's salt solution and continue to drink it every twenty or thirty minutes, until the end of the entire mixture in four liters.

All day nothing to eat, but if the evening would be unbearable hunger, you can eat a bit of orange or grapefruit fruit or juice, or a little celery juice.

Before you sleep, do an enema two liters of lukewarm water to which should be added to the juice of one or two lemons. The purpose of such an enema - to remove from the folds of the colon and intestines thin scum

. This detoxification process should be done for three days, as a result of the body will be removed approximately twelve liters of toxic lymph and replaced by the same amount of alkalizing liquid. This process accelerates the body alkalization. On the fourth and subsequent days should begin to drink vegetable juices, eat fruits and vegetables only in raw form.

If during or after detoxification appear weak, you should not worry. Nature uses the body's energy for his cleansing, and soon after that you will have more energy and vitality as a result of a complete cleansing of the whole body.

From the book NV Walker TREATMENT OF RAW vegetable juices


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