How to distinguish a fake perfume?

1. Do you want to buy an original perfume? Then the "stock up" information - Learn all about your favorite perfume. Come to the manufacturer's website and find out what kind of perfume bottle, which must be logos, holograms, excavation and protective tapes, stamping that must be written on the label.

And carefully collate all these differences with the perfume bottle, which is planning to buy. Not with the probe, namely the one that will be in your hands already near the cash register.

2. Check resistance perfume. This, of course, is not very reliable way, because the probe can be present, and all other instances - a fake. But nonetheless. Drizzle favorite fragrance for themselves and to see how long it will last. If you smell even two or three days, you can buy. But buy it in the store, where she spent "check».

3. Consider a bottle. A self-respecting manufacturer produces perfect perfume in bottles on which no scratches or tiny chips, and transparent glass, clean.

4. Pay attention to packaging. It must be made of very high quality, durable cardboard or smooth, clean plastic without impurities.

5. Information on the packaging must match the data you obtained in the manufacturer's website. This applies to the place of manufacture of perfume, composition, volume. If the manufacturer's website fragrance presented in bottles of 50 and 100 ml, and you got another volume favorite perfume rather lam from this store of bad fakes.

6. to verify the barcode on the bottle and the data about the country on the manufacturer website. If there are differences, it is better give up the purchase.

7. cellophane film, which is packed box with perfume should be tightened evenly, without any deformation or fold.

8. If you still have doubts about the authenticity of the perfume, you can ask for a certificate of quality in the store. By law, you are obliged to provide it. When you get the coveted document in hand, check out the original print. It needs to be "wet" and not copied.

Printing is easy to distinguish the real from the copied, you need only look at it from an angle. Printed on a stamp is different from the plane of the sheet, and the present is a little thicker and is allocated on a sheet.


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