How to distinguish real perfumes from fake: 9 ways to secure

Even in a large store, unfortunately, there is a risk to buy a fake instead of the real spirits. And it's not just insulting, but also dangerous to health. But there are certain signs by which you can tell it's fake, even if it is done masterfully.

We have collected tips that will help you to buy a good perfume and not to be deceived.

Cellophane wrappers

Box with original perfume covers tightly stretched cellophane that frowns, not the sticks and does not form folds. Polyethylene counterfeit spirits often sit worse.

The accuracy of the seam

The seam on the plastic packaging should not be wider than 5 mm, to have imperfections and to contain traces of glue. In the original he is very thin and neat.


The producers of this perfume do not skimp on the cardboard, so inside the box they put a special design, perfume packaging not. It must be made of high quality cardboard and have a good hold of the bottle.

See that cardboard was white and not grayish.

The inscription on the packaging

  • The sign of ecological packaging (arrows forming a circle) the black arrow always facing upwards towards the light.

  • Feel free in the store to verify information on perfumes with information on the manufacturer's website. If any detail does not match, before you fake.


You can often see spirits that are very similar to known originals name and design. It allows firms copying the famous perfume to protect themselves from litigation. So look carefully on the box and bottle.

The color of spirits

Well-known brands often produce spirits pale shades, without a lot of dyes. Bright, "chemical" color of the liquid tells that, most likely, before you fake.

Cap of the bottle

The original cover of spirits completely symmetrical, unless its design does not provide otherwise.

The serial number of the party

  • It needs to be applied to the lower part of the bottle. (Not pasted!)

  • Real perfume it matches the number on the bottom of the carton. It can be pushed out or printed on it.


Vials of original perfumes very carefully done. The fake bottle has the same joints, unevenness and uneven thickness.

In General, we can summarize that the original perfume every detail is made with high quality, from the packaging to spray. If you look closely to counterfeit spirits, they generally look less neat. published


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