9 ways to distinguish real from fake perfume

Even in a large store, unfortunately, there is a risk to buy a fake instead of real spirits. And this is not just a shame, but also dangerous for your health. But there are special features, which can detect a fake, even if it is done skillfully.

We are in the Website contains tips to help you buy good spirits and not to be deceived.

Cellophane packaging

Box with the original perfume covers tightly stretched cellophane, which is not frowned, not sticks and does not form wrinkles. Plastic packaging of counterfeit spirits often sits worse.

Seam Accuracy

The seam on the plastic package should not be wider than 5 mm, have bumps and contain traces of adhesive. In the original, it is very thin and trim.


Manufacturers do not save this perfume on cardboard, so the inside of the box they put a special design, and spirits in such a packaging does not dangle. It must be made from high quality cardboard and well hold the bottle.

See that cardboard was white, not greyish.

Inscriptions on the packaging

On the sign ecological packaging ( arrows forming a circle) black arrow is always at the top in relation to the light. Do not hesitate to right in the store check the information on the spirits of the information on the manufacturer's website. If at least some detail is not the same, before you fake.

You can often see the spirits that are very similar to the famous original name and design. This allows businesses, copiers known spirits to protect themselves from litigation. Therefore, carefully look at the box and bottle.

Perfume Colour

Famous brands often produce spirits pale shades, without a lot of dye. Bright, "chemical" color liquid said that, most likely, before you fake.

Bottle cap

In the original perfume cover completely symmetrical, unless, of course, its design does not provide for the return.

Serial batch number

It is to be deposited on the bottom of the vial. (Not glued!) At this perfume it coincides with the number on the bottom of the carton. It can be eliminated or printed on it.

Vials of original perfumes are made very carefully. At the same bottle is a fake joints, bumps and uneven thickness.

In general, we can summarize that the original perfume every detail is done with high quality, ranging from packaging and finishing spray. If both should look at the fake spirits, they generally look less tidy.

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