Interesting stories about people who forges money

Interesting stories about people who forges money:

Counterfeiter, signed his fake

Counterfeit coins are not the best way to make money, but it all depends on what it is you decide to copy the coin. Forging dimes, the bank you will not fall through, however, there are some coins that are worth a lot of money. For example, a coin in 1933 "Double Eagle", par value $ 20 can make a millionaire collector.

Forger known as "Omega Man" were minted almost exact copies of this coin. Almost exactly? In fact, the coins are indistinguishable - except for one symbol. Omega Man intentionally inflicts it on a coin as a trademark. This tiny image of the Omega, visible only under a microscope. It includes as a manifestation of arrogance Omega Man, because unsigned even experts can not distinguish fake. In fact, the copies are made so carefully and in detail that some collectors have knowingly paid thousands of dollars for his remarks. Even if it will not be enough millions who are these coins, it can be proud. But not everyone who forges coins away with it.

Children who did coins from toy soldiers

By today's standards, fake coins are not the most effective way of making money, but for a child whose pocket full of shiny coins, it can feel like a millionaire. Can you blame a child for wanting to be independent?

Obviously it is possible, because in 1962, three guys from Tennessee at the age of 16-17 years, decided to make its own coins by melting of lead soldiers. The government quickly put an end to it, not allowing to spend a cent. All three have come under juvenile court. In fact, the government has taken this so seriously that it ended the intervention of the Secret Service. It should be noted that young people were also arrested for robbery and, therefore, probably, the police did the right thing holding them in full.

The artist who drew the money

Imagine for a moment that you can write the number on the paper, and it magically turn into this bill denominations. Welcome to the world of the artist D.S.D. Boggs.

Boggs famous hand-drawn "reproductions" of American money, which he then exchanged for goods and services. The story began in 1984, Boggs sat in a cafe, innocuous picture painted dollar bills on a napkin, later the waitress came up to him and took the napkin is flat, that is a payment for coffee. Since that day, Boggs has traveled the world, exchanging his "money" on everything from food to stay in hotels.

In several countries, he was accused of counterfeiting. However, technically it "activity" could not be prosecuted because he did not try to give money for real. The artist even painted only one side of the banknote, and the other left the imprint of his thumb and signature. It was therefore quite difficult to accuse him of anything.

Counterfeiter, who caught Newton

Isaac Newton - one of the greatest minds that ever knew the world, but few people know that, along with the formulation of his brilliant ideas, he was the head of the Royal Mint, and for several years led the fight with no less brilliant counterfeiter.

William Chaloner was one of the "best" of counterfeiters in the UK. He spent a fortune to turn yourself into a gentleman of the city, despite the absence of visible signs of legal income. If this is not arrogance, here's another thing: one day he offered his services to the Mint, to find out all their secrets. The attempt failed.

When Chaloner was arrested by Newton himself, but his hooked communications and was immediately released. Always tempting fate, Chaloner decided to make fun of Newton, calling it a fraud, paying for brochures from his own pocket. Enraged by his behavior, Newton entire year and a half collecting irrefutable evidence against the fraudster that ultimately led to the penalty Chaloner.

Good Samaritan counterfeiter

Most people are counterfeiters out of greed. Why not make your own money, if you need a lot? But Williams is not as art - he forged money from pleasure.

Williams is famous for the production pervoklassnyh100-dollar bills, which are not inferior in quality counterfeit legendary "Super banknotes", similar to the present $ 100 as two drops of water. But we would like to pay attention to the lesser-known side of his life. Although counterfeiting Williams were really outstanding quality, truly deserves attention, and something that he spends them.

Williams bought its hundreds of fake goods and provisions, which are immediately directed to charity. However, nothing lasts forever, and the art was eventually arrested. Unfortunately, during an interview in 2002, he said that was proud of his actions. Because of this he was punished even more severely, describing his statement as a "lack of remorse". The lesson here seems like, "never did help».

Random counterfeiter

Counterfeiting money is a crime that requires careful planning, tons of materials and detailed knowledge of the subject. No one can just happen to pick up and start to forge ... or can it? The answer, of course, "yes».

This story takes place during the Great Civil War. Her hero was Samuel Curtis Aphem nicknamed "Honest Sam," who accidentally flooded the Confederation of thousands of counterfeit banknotes.

How? When the war began, the old Honest Sam wanted to earn some money and decided to make a fake version of the five-dollar bill Confederation - as a decorative souvenir. However, the money Aphema were so realistic that people have decided to cut a warning placed Aphemom all bills, and spend it as real.

After a 5-dollar bills were sold, Aphem decided to try again, but with a 10-dollar, because the toy money with higher denominations look even funnier. When Aphem finally discovered what had happened, he, nevertheless, decided to continue to produce fake, t. To. They devalued real money Kofederatov.

Fakes have Aphema obtained so well that by the end of the war, his "notes" were virtually identical to the present. In an attempt to deal with it the Confederation established the death penalty for counterfeiting. But as Aphem did not live in the Confederation is absolutely nothing he is not threatened.

Lady, "styapavshaya" money in the kitchen

Historically, counterfeiting is a predominantly male occupation. Nevertheless, there are some women who also learned the craft. Among them, Mary Butterworth - a lady who became a queen of counterfeiting, making the fakes in the kitchen.

Butterworth method was simple: using nothing but iron and handles, it can translate drawing notes on a sheet of paper, which then, in his spare time, describes in detail. By 1723 Butterworth has expanded its business by connecting the half of his little family abnormal.

Unlike almost all the others on this list, Butterworth so no one caught. The police, however, raided her home after seven years of forging counterfeit money, but did not notice anything suspicious (you can not arrest someone for the presence of iron). Butterworth thanked the stars and left the underworld, before the age of 89 years, in harmony with the law.

Failed Nazi plan

Perhaps one of the most cunning Nazi plans had surgery Bernhard - conspiracy to destroy the British economy by flooding millions of counterfeit British pounds.

But before the operation was launched, British spy was able to find out about it. When the first few counterfeit notes were discovered banknotes worth more than five pounds were withdrawn from circulation, and the plan was hacked on the vine. By the end of the war to distribute the counterfeit money was nowhere, so the Nazis unceremoniously dumped into the lake, most bills Greenhouse.

If you're wondering how much counterfeit banknotes were similar to the real thing, then judging by the samples that hit the United Kingdom, forgery were of exceptional quality.

Inkjet counterfeiter

"Inkjet counterfeiter" - a nickname Alberta Taltona that using an inkjet printer, know-how and diligence, in the middle of the two thousandth released into circulation around seven million counterfeit dollars.

He used a multi-stage process an impressive ease, but with one big disadvantage - all the banknotes were of the same serial number. Yet he cranked scheme to a printer, which can be bought at the store for $ 200.

This has helped to move Taltonu his love of experimentation. At the very beginning Talnot discovered that the real $ 100 bills turn yellow if on it to hold a special token for authentication, as well as most retailers tested that way, it was really the only thing he had to implement to make his convincing fakes.

In general, Talton bought a highlighter and began testing them each paper, which ran across. Matter able to fool the marker detector proved to be toilet paper. Or, more accurately, recycled paper.

With this information, Talton bought as printers, as could fit into his home and began to literally print their own money. Money out of toilet paper, printed on an inkjet printer.

The old man painted the own dollars

Unlike Boggs, who made his money out of curiosity, Edward Muller produced his necessarily.

Most of the heroes of this article hours painstakingly recreated notes with perfect precision, the money Muller Secret Service called "funny fake" - perhaps he drew them in pencil. Despite this, it remains a forger with the longest careers in American history, from 1938 to 1948.

Over the years, the equipment 62-year-old Mueller has deteriorated, and the dollar has become much worse in quality. Ultimately, failure to repair led to a spelling mistake in the writing of the names of Washington as "Vaishngton." More funny happened when the government finally track down that elusive criminal. Hundreds of people who have got the bill, decided to keep them as souvenirs, instead of being exchanged for real. That, of course, allowed Muller to continue to live his quiet, friendly life for a few years longer.

However, all good things must come to an end, and Mueller eventually caught when his house burned down, and the children found in the ashes of the equipment.

What was the punishment? He was put on a year and a day in prison, and was released a ridiculous fee of 1 $.

But the story does not end here - when the leaders of the studio XX Century Fox heard the story Muller, immediately bought the rights to it, paying a fairly large sum of Mueller that he could live the rest of days, nothing lacking.


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