Intetresnoe of counterfeiters

Read about how counterfeiters from around the world manage to make counterfeiting extremely similar to the original bill.

Soviet rubles: the USSR stamped bills prescription counterfeiter

The younger generation has not seen Soviet rubles. And older people, those who have the money to earn and spend, remember: the most beautiful and the most rare banknote was the 25-ruble, purple. Everyone tried to save her, if it fell into the hands.
It was here that chose citizen Viktor Baranov, interested technology printing money. And so he took aim at the most difficult to produce a bill - for the sake of interest. Looking ahead, I will say that he, the Stavropol driver managed to make a revolution in the production of currency. This is all the more symbolic that his boss was the future General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, too, as you know who changed the foundations, but the history of the USSR.
So. 1963. Country "developed socialism" though already and shoots rockets into space, but ordinary counterfeiters until there was nowhere to take the copier or printer. A hunting Forest bondage! And the driver threw Baranov turn the steering wheel, seeding for "study" - what the scientists say there about how to print? Yeah, you need a machine, paint, shape ...

Persistent attacker carefully studied literature and pored over homemade machine for twelve years. Finally, in 1975, tired of the unjust proceedings, the Soviet dreamer Rams picked up the first 25 Rublevka printed at home. From that moment he was approached by communism (in the sense of availability of goods according to their needs) and law enforcement agencies (in any sense - it is known).

It is interesting to know that he had bought for the first thousand. Surely, some deficits. Maybe richer, and came to the attention of the investigation. It happened after two years of operation of the machine, handyman gave 33 thousand. Rubles. And craftsman Baranova should be called with full respect and without irony. He managed to make his paper, mixed with natural artificial cellulose, figured out how to watermark and how do clichés. When, as they say, "they came for him," that surprise people in uniform there were no borders - very, very well, good were his money!

... Having admired the quality of banknotes, the judge announced the sentence - 12 years. Like, how many and ready to print full-length Soviet rubles, so many think in prison about their behavior. But soon came to convict Gosznak specialist and asked about the technology used Baranov - too good were the 25-ruble. Such attention to Victor probably flattered and he shared the secret of copper etching to form printing has become better. It's hard to believe, but then the country became a stamp denominations prescription counterfeiter! A craftsman for his release was not in vain. Going out into the wild, Baranov went into business. No more crime!

Dollars: fifty dollars drawn 5 days

The currency counterfeited almost more often - and in the United States and in other countries. This is the price paid for the popularity! Of course, the US government suppress these attempts, but surprisingly sluggish. The first reaction to fake bucks was a change in their color. Previously, they were black and white. A haven for crooks! In 1869, turned green and then froze - no color or size - neither there nor here. It's in the past decade, American banknotes "bristled" new means of protection and began to change "war paint". And before they were pleasantly tickled his nerves greens indifferent "blinopekam" (so-called counterfeiters).
The most famous printers dollars at home were Canadians. In 1970, an enterprising Du Pont - four brothers - the case took seriously, and therefore the result is impressive - 112 million. Of course, then they remembered in a prison cell, how beautiful life on the outside, but it was too late. Like their fellow citizen Joseph Baghdasaryan. Though he was able to pour into the financial system to 15 million US dollars fake, but high quality. However, the sky into the lattice he also had a chance to see. On the drawing bills of fifty dollars Nindzher spent four or five days. Everything went smoothly. But one day he forgot to write "engraved and printed in engraving and printing offices." And some cantankerous bartender noticed a fake!
Not every counterfeiter himself to release dollars included machine. Some had their own methods, far from industrial. For example, the American Emanuel Nindzher simply painted.
Of course, the light of his work can not be called, so the wife and four children, who worked on the farm, do without the head of the family - Nindzher too, "earned" money. On the drawing bills of fifty dollars he spent four or five days, when is there to dig in the ground? He marketed his creations in New York last Friday of every month.
Everything went smoothly. But once Nindzher tortured painting small parts, made an eloquent confusion. He forgot to write "engraved and printed in engraving and printing offices." And some cantankerous bartender noticed a fake! Counterfeit bill he posted in his pubs. Perhaps this is alerted other bartenders, and when once again paying Nindzher fakes, grabbed him by the arm just a bartender.

Franks: Pole for 16 years published million

After the Second World War, the Polish engineer Czeslaw Bojarski appeared in France, to go back in socialism, he did not want. Very good draftsman, he hoped to quickly find their place under the sun, but fortune turned away from the Pole on the streets of Paris. Boyarsky understood a little more - and down the drain, poverty, its overpowering. Earn could not, so he decided to print money. Talent engineer suggested that it is necessary to start this business not with ink and cliché, but with the paper.
Pretty worn out, "Monsieur," Boyarsky found his recipe for crunchy material. For this, he was able to visit the paper mills, the most important thing to note for him, and here's the result - Mixed cigarette paper with rain water, adding some more components to obtain a qualitative basis for francs. The next step - a form for printing. Is also not a simple matter, but damn it, I want to eat something! The money will float if pokorpet over cliché ... And the money printed Pole sailed.
Hard to believe, but Boyarsky typing Franks 16 years, remained elusive! However, the art of forgery became known through the three years of Czeslaw, but to identify the author for a long time without success. And if not a relative, whom he hired, tired from the hard daily work, who knows how much more improvised francs went into circulation. The fact that the new employee exchanged for false Franks securities and him under surveillance. A further matter of technique ... And in 1966 he was convicted. Of course! After all, he printed a million francs of very good quality. Police find his home machine, downright could not stop looking brand new, drying on the sheet bills.

Euro: Italy - a country of "coin courtyards»

Euro - also attracts "diy". However, before the popularity of the dollar it away - counterfeit money found in the EU is ten times less than the fake bucks. Basically it is a denomination of 50 euros. But most of all craftsmen bedazzle coins of 1 and 2 euros. It is this production takes the famous Italian counterfeiter Giovanni Sassano.
Of course, he knew that in Milan and Genoa covered "coin" patios where colleagues produced a fake 50 euro cents, but to "make money" is not changed his mind, despite the fact that at one time served time for the production of Spanish pesetas. Apparently, an avid "blinopek" has decided that he will cope with the euro better. When in 2002 to Giovanni raided by the police, have to be ready coin placer own coinage - almost 600 thousand. Found, of course, and equipment. That is all to the leader of the gang of Turin again had to answer investigators' questions.

Hryvnia: bank clerk gave "emissions»

Ukrainian money too have their story fakes. One of the most recent cases, identifying forgeries occurred in May of this year. Three young residents of Zhytomyr engaged in the production of 100-hryvnia banknotes. Interestingly, the gang was a bank employee. It was he who designed the layout of the bill.
Print "work" was not difficult. Helped sell fake two unemployed. They calculated homemade money where they want. A fall for refueling. The group is charged with the manufacture and sale of 20 thousand. Hryvnia false.
A few years ago in Donetsk Oblast man and woman do too bad "business". They produced twenty. More precisely, the technical part provided the young lady - she was good at work copiers. So well that printed on it twenty looked good. A friend bought her a fake ten hryvnia, and then paid off fakes in stores and markets. But the case also came to an end - a group of detained.

How often counterfeited money

Sticker toe

One of the best ways of running counterfeit money in the nineties were applications - toe sticking to the face. This primitive method worked only on inexperienced people. Scammers have found such gullible and sold the real one hundred dollar price.

Printing on an inkjet printer

The development of science and technology closer to the target of counterfeiters. Modern printers easily give the products, rather similar to the bills. Of course, the inscription in small letters as a form of protection in this way does not get it. And on closer examination revealed a fake.


A good result - similar to the real banknotes. Sometimes, however, that the color of money improvised, though rich, but to be distinguished. And besides, the image is slightly shiny, that money is not typical. The paint on the excesses may peel off. Proydoh- for "diy" is another difficulty: it turns out, cunning copiers leave on their products hidden labels. Silkscreen or stencil

Innocent artistic method, previously popular among graphic artists, migrated to the fans of fakes. But do they have achieved this significant results? Coat of paint on a counterfeit bill easily produces fake money to the same edge of the image, rather fuzzy, flat can not be obtained.

Offset printing

To do this, industrial equipment used in the printing industry. Gives good results - like real fake bills. Lays down a thin layer of paint, not washed off, it is visible through the paper. Fake note can be through a magnifying glass - then see the screen, which is not on the bills.


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