Underground bunker

The Maginot Line - the French system of fortifications on the border with Germany from Belfort to Longiyona. The place which today is the story, it was the first ever scheduled in the list of planned to visit the facilities. driving 250 kilometers of Alsace and Lorraine, and get to the desired us to the forest, we park the car in a clearing near the highway, wear rubber boots and go to the target point ... That weekend we were not lucky with the weather: all the time, it was overcast and on the way we repeatedly passed through the dense rain bands. Coming out of the car, it became clear that without rubber boots then you can not survive - a primer leading into the forest has been blurred and represented a mess, which is very accurately conveys the picture. Taking a whole multikilogram ammunition, we hit the road for this primer.

Dirt road going uphill all the time, and a kilometer rests on the fork: one path goes to the left - the second to the right, and a small overgrown path goes straight. We go to the right, as this way closer to the coveted point on the screen navigator. Soon this track has to collapse and go straight through the forest, since he is not much overgrown with bushes, so much discomfort from the movement on the terrain there, straining a constant slope, as behind a dozen kilograms of ammunition each time to climb the hill little tiring. As a result, we come to the point marked in the Navigator, and ... nothing. Around all the same forest and not the slightest sign of the promised bunker.

Explore the area in a radius of hundreds of meters from the point with the coordinates and found no trace of the bunker, go back to the fork and this time go straight at overgrown and, apparently, many years did not use primer. Primer rests in a clearing overgrown with tall grass and shrubs on the belt. For forest clearing continues, but the sense to go there, I do not see. Bypassing all in a radius of hundreds of meters, and finding nothing, we return back to the fork. In addition to the navigator at me with a printout with Google Maps, I bring it below. Green arrows show the coordinates of the bunker where he would have to be marked with a red dot I place parking our car. As it turned out the location of the primers in the woods with Google release cards do not correspond to reality and soon we were convinced. What to do? We decide to go to the last unexplored path at the fork - the left as it became apparent that the hopper can be anywhere in the forest.

Go left, spend an hour and a lot of effort to search for the bunker, shares with his brother for more girth area and walk a few hundred meters from each other, lost sight of the shouting, in order not to get lost. It would like to have the least in this situation. We both start to see hallucinations me every tree trunk away imagining coveted gray concrete, a brother sees bronekupola everywhere, but it's all an illusion. Several times I vospryanuv spirit, chasing a gray spot in hundreds of meters behind the bushes, but turned out to be a regular spot tree trunk. As a result, it becomes obvious that we are simply wasting our strength: with the same success can be to scour the woods until morning. Wet with sweat due to hour and a half walk along the forest hills with a complete outfit, back in the car. Fortunately I have the coordinates previously stored in the Navigator.

In the car I have is a tablet, but it saved the German diggers story about how they visited the place. Coordinates of his I took with their own stories, so they were sure. I re-read the story again, but I do not find anything new in it: they are the same as we have come to the coordinates and also saw around a forest. Then split and have been searching for the bunker in the woods, but in the end found him. The fact is that after this bunker we had planned one very massive object kilometers of underground passages and six warheads, each of which rise hundreds of steps. That is wasting time searching for a small military refuge in the forest it would be foolish, if not one "but." This shelter is a striking historical artifact 1940, I wanted to see with my own eyes. For his sake I have included a small refuge in the route bunkertura and give up at the finish line as the second did not want to. It was decided to make the last search run, following in the footsteps of the Germans, described in their history. Taking a tablet, we set off on the same road to the fork. The only place we have not been investigated - the forest for clearing and we went to the meadow straight ahead. In the description of the Germans figured word «Lichtung» and it played a key role as the other landmarks in their description of the way no more. Translation I did not know, but on the plate I had a dictionary that the word translated as "clearing, clearing, clearing (in the forest)." It became clear that we are on the right track. Description of the way the Germans ended up this way: "We have decided to bypass the clearing, which was not in our plan, and try to look for it. Going round the meadow and a few wandering through the woods, we came across a barbed wire - it meant that the bunker there, and soon we noticed bronekupol. It was him. "The description is not very clear, but at least the search direction was clear. It was decided: go through the clearing, split and go in different directions, five minutes back to the collection point, and if no one is found, go back to the car, relax and move to the main point of today's route. Spending power before a huge object that was waiting for us tonight, but it was impossible to derogate from the purpose it was very sad, especially when it was so close.

So we split up and went in search of each to his own. A hundred meters after passing through the woods, I saw him.

It's hard to put into words my feelings. Probably something like Columbus felt when he saw the land, after a month at sea. I was happy, and he called his brother cry of joy: "Found it! I found the bunker! ". But the brother had gone so far that my cry came before him at once. When we met, they were both joyful and cheerful. After all, we have already begun to avoid a bitter thought that prolazit two hours this forest will have to leave with nothing. And then suddenly, our search was rewarded.


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