Declassified Government Bunker

Construction of government underground shelters in Canada began in the 60s. While the prime minister was John Defenbaker (John Diefenbaker) because of the name which all bins have received a strange nickname Ā«DiefenbunkersĀ». A total of about 40 countries are expected to governmental structures protective functionality. But in the end, was built only a part, and to this day has survived even less.

The bunker is 30 kilometers from the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. Place building was chosen. Firstly, the local soil is ideally suited for this kind. And secondly, at that time, 30 kilometers was safe enough distance from the epicenter. Construction of the bunker began in 1959 and lasted only 2 years. But himself, was just built two radio-field ground-based military unit, stretched two overlapping lines of government communications.

The bunker itself has 4 levels and had to perform a task and radiation-resistant construction. However, 4 years after its commissioning, it is partially out of date. Technology stepped forward, increased charges bombs, bunker and was unable to defend against nuclear attack. But, nevertheless, to the mid-90s, he was on account of the military, although it stood for several years completely abandoned (oh, Zloty 90). In 1994, the bunker was transferred to the city municipality and it was made from a museum of the Cold War.

Before I get into the bunker to overcome one germodver, then right clothes to take a shower, take off your clothes on, throw it in a special container, take a shower again. After all these procedures special person in chemical protection should a Geiger counter to measure radioactivity, and if everything is in order, pass inside.

At the first level of the hopper is of prime minister and his entourage, as well as their bedrooms, honey part of the point of contact.

By the way, for the whole period of the bunker, only 2 head of state visited it.

By the way, on a table in one of the rooms is a complete list of the Soviet leadership, headed by Chernenko.

On the second level there is a radio studio CBC, plenty of room for different purposes, the staff and the room meetings.

Last rent now actively to the needs of local businesses. Just think, quite cheaply you can meet with your partners in such a place. Matter, but to survive as a parish.

At headquarters, in addition to a variety of equipment, hanging on the walls of the tactical map and a list of all the alleged protective structures Canada.

All of them are divided into several categories: CEGF - Central Emergency government facility (one plant). REGHQ - regional emergency government headquarters (seven facilities). IREGHQ - Temporary regional emergency government headquarters. MEGHQ - Municipal emergency government headquarters. ZEGHQ - Bomb shelters in the basement of the house. The average capacity of about 7 people. RU \ CRU - Facilities for temporary staying troops

Some of these structures demolished, some still functioning. On the Internet, if you wish, you can even find out the number of troops of a particular division. That way, once again proves the Canadian frivolity, but more on that later.

On the third level is the dining area and food.

According to the plan most of it is occupied by the level of refrigerators. In the case of contamination of the surface of food in the hopper when fully filling should be enough for 3 months.

The fourth level is partially technical.

There is everything for life support. Downstairs there are water tanks, diesel, air filters.

On the same level, the same is and storage of weapons. In the mid-80s is one of the employees had stolen out of the hopper machine, went to the nearest town and built there firing. About 10 people were injured.

In addition, on the top floor, is safe of the National Bank of Canada. According to the plan, after the siren, all the gold from the bank should be placed there.

Safe deposit box protected from penetration is much better than the bunker. If the latter is also an opportunity to somehow penetrate, then get to the gold is extremely difficult. In safe leads only 1 door and 1 small window. We can not say that the bank does not trust his prime minister, but bankers are known to love reinsured.

And yes, the tour brings sadness. From exhibits and dummies blows mothballs. Already sick.



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